Genelec 8050 Subwoofer

The Genelec 8050 series is the largest active 2-way studio monitor model and the latest version will be the 8050B which replaces the classic Genelec 8050A studio monitor. These are high-end powered studio monitors with exceptionally high sound quality and sonic performance. Genelec 8050 monitors are self-sufficient on their own but even studio monitors with this level of caliber and size will have some issues in producing subterranean bass frequencies.

Genelec 8050 studio monitors are usually enough for most music genres but for professionals who work on bass-heavy soundtracks especially those that include musical instruments such as piano, church organ, etc., will require an active subwoofer to deliver the missing subsonic low frequencies. A matching powered subwoofer will be crucial and it will need to fit your requirements as well. This is why we will need to work on them first before listing out the best subwoofers to go for and pair with your Genelec 8050 monitors.

Sonic Characteristics of the Genelec 8050 and Subwoofer Requirements

As the largest studio monitor model in the series, it is no surprise that the Genelec 8050B has an 8″ (205mm) bass driver and a rather large rear-firing reflex port. Compared with the other smaller Genelec monitor models, the 8050B has a larger treble driver as well. It will be wise not to place them too near to the back walls as it might reinforce the bass output and upset the tonal balance. Unless you want a higher and more pronounced bass performance then feel free to position them nearer to the walls till you get the optimal sound quality you are looking for.

For listeners who have no choice but to place these 8050 studio monitors closer to walls due to space constraints, you can try using the built-in Room Response Controls. This gives you the flexibility to tune and optimize each of your Genelec 8050 monitors to suit your room acoustically or to alter the sound characteristics to fit your preferences due to unfavorable speaker positionings. The frequency response is impressive and the 8050B could really dig deep into the bass extension. Furthermore, it can reach very high volume levels and will be loud enough for nearfield listening distance.

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The Genelec 8050 can easily fill a small to mid-sized room with sound and provide us with a spacious soundstage without any overemphasis. The tonality and timbre are accurate, it is uncolored as well. Stereo imaging is superb with incredible precision and separation. It also has amazing clarity where we are able to hear subtle details and nuances clearly without the need to strain our ears. The bass performance has weight and goes deep, not to mention, it is highly precise as well. There is just the right punch in the midbass and overall, the low-end delivery is tightly controlled and agile.

When pushed, you can hear the Genelec 8050 bass performance starts to get strained and it is not as clean sounding. It is best to use a powered subwoofer at this point so as to protect the bass driver of the monitor. You might want to set the crossover at 60Hz. If you require a higher crossover, you might want to jot this down as a requirement as different subwoofer models have various frequency ranges. First and foremost, you might want to determine a comfortable subwoofer’s price point or range in which you are willing to invest by working on your budget. The size and shape of the subwoofer cabinet can be a requirement as well as it will be depended on your studio room setup.

Subwoofers made by different companies have their own sound signatures and if this is a concern for you, we will suggest going with Genelec brand subwoofers. The type of subwoofer connections you will need can be part of your requirements too. You probably might want to choose powered subs with bigger bass drivers than your Genelec 8050 studio monitors especially if you have space for it. We will suggest taking some time to work out more subwoofer requirements on your own. When you are confident in what you require then please check out the list of matching subwoofers we have made for you.

Genelec 8050B Specifications

  • Type: 2-Way (Rear-firing bass port)
  • Frequency Response: 32Hz-25kHz (-6dB)
  • Drivers: 1″ (25mm) Dome Tweeter, 8″ (205mm) LF Cone Driver
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 452mm x 286mm x 278mm | 17.8″ x 11.3″ x 10.9″
  • Weight: 14.4kg (31.7lbs)

Best Subwoofers to match with Genelec 8050

The Adam Audio Sub12 is a large studio subwoofer that will match well with the Genelec 8050 studio monitors. The Sub12 is designed for nearfield or midfield monitoring which will do well with the 8050 monitors as they are suited for longer listening distance. It is a 12″ studio subwoofer with up to 300 Watts of peak power (200W RMS) and has a frequency response of 22Hz-150Hz. This also gives you a wider crossover frequency range. Adam Audio Sub12 bass performance is clean and articulate, extending the low-end performance of your monitoring system with accuracy.

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PreSonus Temblor T10 is a more compact and affordable choice when compared to the Adam Audio Sub12. It is still capable of producing subsonic bass frequencies of down to 20Hz though but may not be as prominent. This is a 10″ (250mm) front-firing studio subwoofer with up to 250 Watts of peak power been driven by its Class AB amplifier. The overall bass performance of the Temblor T10 is agile and articulate which works well with the Genelec 8050 studio monitors. There are plenty of bass details being cleanly delivered, not to mention, it is well-textured too.

Presonus Temblor T10 Powered Studio Subwoofer, Multicolor

If you prefer a studio subwoofer designed by Genelec then the Genelec 7050C will be the best choice to go for. Both the sub and Genelec 8050 studio monitors have similar sound signatures and so we would not need to worry about the integration sonically. Genelec 7050C is a very compact studio sub with an 8″ (205mm) bass driver powered by a 130 Watts Class D amplifier. The frequency response may be narrow but it is still able to dig deep into the bass extension of down to 24Hz (-6dB) which is really impressive for its size. This is certainly a worthy subwoofer for you to audition together with your Genelec 8050.

For listeners who need a really large studio subwoofer, the Adam Audio Sub15 will be an exemplary choice for you and your Genelec 8050 studio monitors. This is a really powerful 15.5″ studio subwoofer that can deliver prominent and accurate bass frequencies of down to 20Hz bass extension. It has up to 1200 Watts of peak power and this means the Adam Audio Sub15 is capable of delivering subsonic bass effortlessly without distortion. The Sub15 is well-suited for large studio rooms, filling them with clean and articulate deep bass performance.

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JBL LSR310S is another studio subwoofer with a more modest price tag and has the sonic performance to match with the Genelec 8050. This is a 10″ down-firing subwoofer with up to 200W peak power and can be driven to high volume levels which is more than enough to vibrate your desktop and floor. More importantly, the JBL LSR310S sub is still able to retain its clean and tight bass performance even at high volumes. Not to mention, the nimble low-end delivery is keeping pace nicely with the Genelec 8050 studio monitors. Overall bass performance is precise and detailed as well.

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The KRK 12sHO is an ideal studio subwoofer for listeners who need to play their music at very high volume levels. This is a 12″ studio subwoofer that has a max SPL of 123dB, thanks to its 400 Watts of Class AB amplifier power. Matching the KRK 12sHO with the Genelec 8050 studio monitors allows you to push your monitoring system since the studio sub is the one providing the demanding subsonic bass frequencies. It is an accurate studio subwoofer and has the agility to keep up with the Genelec 8050 active monitors. This is a rather bulky and heavy studio subwoofer, and may not be suitable for listeners who have limited space.

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To Conclude

You can easily shortlist the studio subwoofers based on your requirements such as price points, size of the woofer, frequency response, and others. Once you have shortlisted the potential studio subwoofers, you should arrange an audition to hear how they sound when partnered with your Genelec 8050 monitors. Do use familiar music and songs during the testing phase. If you like what you are hearing then the studio sub is probably the one for you.

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