Onkyo receiver shuts off standby light blinking

Onkyo receiver shuts off standby light blinking

Were you watching a movie halfway and your Onkyo receiver just decided to shut itself off with the standby light kept blinking? If yes, then that means your Onkyo receiver just went into protect mode. When that happens, you should turn off the main power of your AVR. This could be a telltale sign that your AV receiver may have been damaged but before we conclude that, we should go through a checklist first. I will also take this opportunity to explain what does Onkyo protect mode means.

What is Onkyo protect mode?

It is a mode which will be activated when the sensor detects excessive heat and/or voltage irregularities. This is a way to protect your Onkyo receiver from damage or further damage by shutting down the whole unit. When this happens, you will notice the standby light will keep blinking. This may also prevent your fuse from blowing. When your fuse is blown, and the unit is still running, this may damage your Onkyo amp.


You should check all the connections for any loose wirings as they may be the ones short circuiting your Onkyo receiver. If you do find them, you should replace them with new ones.

Were you running the Onkyo amp at very high volumes for a long period of time before the protect mode was been activated? If yes, you should readjust your volume and settings.

Onkyo Receiver at High Volume

Is your Onkyo receiver heating up even when there’s nothing been played? If that’s the case, you should immediately switch it off and send it to the service center for repair. As mentioned, excessive heat will cause the protect mode to be activated. Do check if the AVR is properly ventilated and the vents/exhaust are not been blocked. After a long period of use, you should let your amp cool down.

Was there a power surge that happened recently? Maybe your power outlets have been damaged and are causing voltage irregularities. You can try using a different power outlet and see if this solves the issue.

Did you recently change your speakers? Or maybe you are using the speakers with the wrong impedance? Please check your speakers’ impedance now, if they are incorrect, then you will have 2 options. Either change your speakers to the ones with correct impedance or change your receiver to the one that can drive such speakers.

Resetting Onkyo Protect Mode

Firstly, you should unplug the power cord of your Onkyo receiver from the power outlet and also remove all speakers and cables from your receiver. You should leave it this way for at least an hour. After an hour or more have past, plug back the power cord. Do not reconnect the speakers and cables yet. Turn on your Onkyo receiver and set the volume to max setting. You should leave it like this for about 30 seconds. If the Onkyo amp reactivates the protect mode, then you will need to send it for repair. If it doesn’t, then set the volume back to minimum setting and disconnect the power plug from the power outlet. You can now reconnect your speakers and cables back to your receiver. Plug back the power cord, switch on the power and turn on the Onkyo receiver.

Resetting Onkyo Protect Mode

Another method you can try is setting the receiver back to factory default, you may want to check your user manual or contact Onkyo support on how to do so for your specific model. Usually is by pressing onto the VCR/DVD button and while it is been pressed on, you will then turn on the receiver. “Clear” should appear on the front panel screen. If the problem is not fixed, then you will need to send it for repair.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, when this happens to your Onkyo receiver, it is usually something detrimental and will require a repair. Most likely it could be a short in the output stage, or maybe internal damage of the power supply. Could be something minor like a broken fuse or something bad like damaged transistors. The list goes on, but no matter what it is, you will most likely need to send it back to the manufacturer for repair.

If you have been using your Onkyo AV receiver for years and already past the warranty. Then it could be wear and tear that causes the protect mode to be activated. At this stage, I would suggest getting a new AVR since you are going pay quite a significant sum of money to repair it, might as well use the money to get a new one. Not only you will be getting a new AVR with a longer lifespan, you will also be getting all the newer features and latest audio codecs. So you might want to work out the costs before deciding either on repair or getting a new receiver.

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This is probably a good reason, not to buy 2nd hand AVRs, as it may look mint condition on the outside but you wouldn’t know the condition internally. There’re some cases where the buyer tested the receiver at the seller’s location and it was working fine but after a few days of use, it actually broke down.

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