Sony STR-DH790 Subwoofer

Sony STR-DH790 is an award-winning AV receiver and is an excellent choice for listeners who are planning to set up their home theater system. It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, in fact, most people would be able to afford this Sony AVR.

More importantly, the Sony STR-DH790 sonic performance is worth every single penny invested in it and is one of the top AVR choices for HT enthusiasts. The main reason is that the STR-DH790 does a better job of providing an exciting home cinematic experience than most of the AV receivers within the same price range. Not to mention, it is pretty powerful for an entry-level AVR, with up to 145 Watts of power output into 6 Ohms (1 channel).

If you have read our post about finding the best speakers for Sony STR-DH790, you would have an idea why this AVR can give its users an entertaining cinematic experience when watching their favorite movies. For those who are wondering, that will be because of its bass reproductions. The Sony STR-DH790 has powerful low-end performance, giving you a body-pounding midbass reproduction and rumbling sub-bass frequencies. These are the ingredients to glue you to your seat when watching high-octane action movies.

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The impactful bass performance of the Sony STR-DH790 is also a reason why you should get yourself a subwoofer. A high-performance active subwoofer will not only be able to deliver the bass reproductions as intended by this Sony AVR but also helps protect the rest of the speakers. How a powered subwoofer can help will be by taking over the role of producing the low frequencies, allowing the Sony STR-DH790 to focus its power on driving the remaining speakers.

There are two types of subwoofers to check out and we will be sharing with you a list of them below. These are the best subwoofers to match your Sony STR-DH790. Since it is an entry-level AVR, the price points of these active subwoofers will be taken into consideration. For STR-DH790 owners who want to connect up to 2 subs, you might want to see if you have enough floor space to accommodate these subwoofers within your HT room.

Best Subwoofers for Sony STR-DH790

The SVS PB-1000 Pro is the very best subwoofer to go with your Sony STR-DH790. It is an entry-level ported subwoofer with exceptional bass performance for the money. The PB-1000 Pro may be one of the more expensive entry-level ported subs but it is worth the asking price. This 12″ active subwoofer is able to reach down to 17Hz, delivering subterranean bass frequencies when you are watching your favorite movies. It is suitable to be used inside a small and medium-sized HT room, we do suggest connecting up to 2 subs for the latter.

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The other type of subwoofer, a sealed cabinet model, will be more suitable for Sony STR-DH790 users who want a more controlled bass performance. If this is what you are looking for, then the SVS SB-1000 Pro will be one of the best sealed subwoofers to go for. Unlike most entry-level sealed subwoofers, the SB-1000 Pro can actually reach down to 20Hz bass extension. Delivering extremely deep bass frequencies with control and articulation. It is also slightly more compact than the SVS PB-1000 Pro ported sub.

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If the price point of the subwoofer is your main concern due to a tight budget, then the Polk Audio PSW10 will be an ideal choice for you and your Sony STR-DH790. This is a 10″ ported subwoofer with a price point that will fit almost anyone’s budget. More importantly, for the price, the bass performance is good and it is considered one of the best subwoofers in its price range. There are a ton of positive ratings given by PSW10 subwoofer owners and you can be assured your money is well-spent.

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For Sony STR-DH790 users who are facing space constraints and are seeking a compact sealed subwoofer, the Kanto SUB6 will be the one for you. It is a 6-inch powered subwoofer and is small enough to fit into most listening rooms. Due to its size, the Kanto SUB6 doesn’t stand out and you should easily get your spouse’s approval. The Kanto SUB6 has a peak power of 200 Watts, capable of dishing out tightly controlled and articulate bass performance. It would be better if you could connect 2 of them to your Sony STR-DH790.

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The SVS PC-2000 Pro is an exceptional subwoofer choice for Sony STR-DH790 owners who don’t have much floor space but still want a very powerful bass performance. This is a ported subwoofer with a cylindrical cabinet design, saving you precious space while still capable of delivering impactful low-end performance. In standard mode, the SVS PC-2000 Pro can deliver subterranean bass frequencies of down to 16Hz and with a peak power of 1500+ Watts, it is going to shake your room with immense energy.

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This is an older version of SVS’s entry-level ported subwoofer, the PB-1000. The Pro version may outperform the SVS PB-1000 but it is still a high-performance subwoofer, not to mention, the old model is more affordable too. The SVS PB-1000 has a 10″ bass driver and a peak power output of 720W. It can deliver plenty of deep bass frequencies and is a suitable match with your Sony STR-DH790 AVR. We suggest saving up and getting another SVS PB-1000 subwoofer in the future, especially if you have a larger HT room.

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To Sum It Up

To really enjoy the bass performance provided by your Sony STR-DH790, you should definitely at least integrate one subwoofer into your HT system. Having 2 subs would be better though. If you are unsure whether to get a ported or sealed subwoofer. We recommend getting SVS PB-1000 Pro or SVS PC-2000 Pro as both of them can switch between “Standard” and “Sealed” tuning modes.

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