Subwoofers for Denon DM40

The Denon DM40 is an award-winning HiFi micro system that is ideal to be used inside a small listening room or bedroom. It is a compact music system and you can easily fit it into almost any room. Moreover, you can play your CDs using DM40 which indirectly saves you more space since you don’t need to spend money to get an external CD player.

For a micro system at this price point, the Denon DM40 has a decent power output of 30 Watts. This is enough to drive bookshelf speakers that are not power-demanding. A pair of stand-mounters is also fitting for bedroom use as like the DM40, they don’t take up too much space. We wouldn’t advise going for satellite speakers as they tend to have low speaker sensitivity and require higher power to be driven.

Using bookshelf speakers is fine and dandy but they usually don’t have weight in the bass department. They are also unable to reach really deep into the bass extension. If the music you are listening to isn’t bass-heavy, this probably might not be an issue for you. For Denon DM40 owners who want higher and deeper bass output or simply just want to spice up their music listening experience. You might want to consider getting an active subwoofer to be part of your music system.

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Fortunately, there is a subwoofer PreOut for you to use to connect a powered sub. The bass performance of the Denon DM40 is amazing for the money. It is agile and articulate, not to mention, rich in details as well. This is why we suggest getting a sealed cabinet subwoofer to suit the pacing and agility of the DM40 micro system’s low-end performance. If you prefer bass quantity then a ported subwoofer will be more suitable for you.

We have prepared a list of the best subwoofers to match with your Denon DM40 and their price points have been taken into account too. Do take your time to consider each of these listed subwoofers, you might want to work out your price requirement first.

Best Subwoofers for Denon DM40

Kanto SUB6 is one of the best subwoofers to go with your Denon DM40. It is a compact-size sealed cabinet subwoofer with a total of 200 Watts powering the 6″ bass driver. The Kanto SUB6 is capable of delivering a detailed and agile bass performance which makes it really suitable for the DM40. Due to its low-profile design, it is ideal to be used inside a bedroom. This sealed subwoofer will add more weight to the overall sound reproduction, making it sound fuller without overwhelming the upper registers.

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The Kanto SUB8 will be the larger brother of the Kanto SUB6. Instead of a 6″ bass driver, the Kanto SUB8 has an 8″ version which is driven by a Class D amplifier with up to 250 Watts of peak power. The price point of this sealed cabinet subwoofer is modest. The bass performance on the other hand is anything but modest. It packs more punch than the SUB6 and is still agile enough to keep pace with the Denon DM40’s sound characteristics. The deep bass reproductions of this active sub will vibrate your bedroom furniture.

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For Denon DM40 owners who have the space and budget to afford a more powerful sealed cabinet subwoofer. You might want to take a look at the SVS SB-1000 Pro. This may be an entry-level sealed subwoofer model of the SVS company but it is more than capable of producing subterranean bass frequencies. It can reach down to 20Hz bass extension and is amazing for a sealed sub at this price range. The SVS SB-1000 Pro has a peak power of 820+ Watts which is higher than the above sealed cabinet subwoofers.

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If you want a sealed subwoofer that performs almost the same as the SVS SB-1000 Pro but has a more affordable price point. You might want to check out the SVS SB-1000 which is an older model of this series. It doesn’t go as deep as the Pro version, down to 24Hz bass extension to be exact. The SVS SB-1000 also has lesser power. Even so, at 720W (peak), it is enough for a small listening room. More importantly, the bass delivery is agile and articulate, making it an ideal subwoofer for your Denon DM40 micro system.

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Prefer to match your Denon DM40 with a ported subwoofer? You might want to take a look at the Polk Audio PSW10. This is an extremely highly rated 10″ powered subwoofer with a bass port located at the front of the cabinet. The main reasons for its high ratings are the asking price and the level of bass performance you are getting out of it. Even though the Polk Audio PSW10 is a ported subwoofer, it doesn’t sound overly exaggerated nor overwhelms the upper registers. A good fit with your DM40 music system.

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Not sure to go for a ported or sealed cabinet subwoofer? Perhaps the SVS PB-1000 Pro will be an excellent choice for you and your Denon DM40. It is a powerful 12″ ported subwoofer with an option to switch to “Sealed” mode. With this hybrid subwoofer, you can now switch between the two modes based on the type of music you are listening to or simply because of your preference. It is one of the more expensive subwoofers on this list and so you might want to have a decent budget first before auditioning the PB-1000 Pro sub.

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To Conclude

One of the best ways to judge whether a subwoofer will be a good add-on to your current music system will be by listening to them. If possible, you might want to arrange an audition with the potential subwoofer using your Denon DM40 setup and inside your own listening room. This way you can immediately know if the subwoofer you are testing is the one you are looking for. Unfortunately, not many companies allow auditioning of their subwoofers in their customers’ homes.

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