Speakers for Pioneer DDJ 200

Speakers for Pioneer DDJ 200

The Pioneer DDJ 200 is a very affordable entry-level DJ controller and not to mention, it is also compact in size. Whether you are a seasoned DJ or a beginner looking for a budget DJ controller, the DDJ 200 will definitely be one of the top choices. Ever since its debut, this Pioneer DJ controller has garnered plenty of positive ratings and reviews, very well-received by the community. All it needs is a good pair of speakers but there is a catch.

This entry-level DJ controller does not have its own sound card and will require you to output the audio via your laptop or mobile devices using Bluetooth or USB. If you find this troublesome, you can pay more and go for Pioneer DDJ 400 instead. Still, at this price point, without a built-in sound card is understandable. You can also mix using your mobile devices via compatible DJ apps and listen to the mixes using a pair of headphones. If you want to play it out in the open, you can connect to a pair of Bluetooth speakers.

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To make things easier on which speakers to go for, we should start with finding out about your main requirements and usage first. Run through a checklist and once you have done so, it will be a lot clearer to find the right type of speakers for yourself.

What Are Your Main Requirements

Firstly, you should set a budget for yourself and follow strictly on how much you are willing to spend. The budget might include the cost of a D/A converter. Will you be playing or mixing via mobile devices or laptops/computers, you will need to ensure that your device has either Bluetooth or USB available so that you can connect to your Pioneer DDJ 200. You will need to find out what are the types of audio outputs which your devices have, this will determine if you need speakers with a Bluetooth connection, or require a D/A converter to be the medium between your device and speakers, etc.

You will also need to finalize if you are playing/mixing to yourself or playing to a crowd of people. For instance, if you are mixing and playing in a small room, you probably just need a pair of studio monitors but if you are playing to a crowd of people in a large venue, you will need professional PA speakers and probably an external DAC to connect to such speakers or a large Bluetooth speaker. Choosing between active speakers and passive speakers is important as well but to keep it clean, we will suggest going for active speakers as it saves you the trouble of looking for matching power amplifiers.

Do you require a subwoofer? If you answer yes then you might want to get an external stereo receiver with a subwoofer output. You will need to make sure that your laptop/computer has a way of connecting to the external receiver though. If for instance, your laptop or mobile devices do not have a way to do so, you can go for active speakers that have their own subwoofer outputs. Another option is to go for active speakers with large bass drivers so that they are proficient in delivering bass and can dig deep enough into the bass extension. Still, for very deep bass reproduction, an active subwoofer will always be more efficient than speakers.

We hope that the checklist is good enough for you to finalize what type of speakers you will need. You might also want to work out your own checklist and run through them first. We will now start to share with you a list of the best speakers that you can go for and pair them with your Pioneer DDJ 200. The price point of these speakers will be quite close to the selling price of the DDJ 200 controller as there is no point in getting a pair of expensive speakers to pair up with an entry-level DJ controller.

Best Speakers to pair with Pioneer DDJ 200

The Audioengine A1 will be one of the best speakers to pair up with your Pioneer DDJ 200. It is a pair of active speakers that comes with plenty of features such as a subwoofer output, allowing you to connect to a powered sub for better overall bass performance. There is also a Bluetooth connection and supports aptX, enabling you to connect your mobile devices and play your favorite tunes with ease. The price point of the Audioengine A1 is affordably priced and is very close to the price range of Pioneer DDJ 200. They are also compact in size which makes them quite easy to carry around.

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Edifier R1700BT is one of the best Bluetooth speakers that you can go for and match with the Pioneer DDJ200. It is a pair of highly-rated active bookshelf speakers and is affordably priced. The R1700BT speakers are compact in size which makes them ideal as desktop speakers in a nearfield listening environment and they are considered bright sounding speakers so listeners who prefer this sonic characteristic will be pleased. The bass output is quite impressive for a speaker this size. The Bluetooth connectivity of the Edifier R1700BT also allows you to place them away from your Pioneer DDJ200 and devices.

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The Sony XB72 is a powerful Bluetooth speaker which is suitable for house parties and you can use this speaker to blast your DJ skills via your Pioneer DDJ200 and Bluetooth-enabled devices. The Extra Bass function will pump out loads of low frequency to keep the party going. Wirelessly connect to another Sony XB72 using the Speaker Add Function for stereo playback. The speaker lights also help build the mood of your event and if you need to cover more areas, you can use the Wireless Party Chain feature. This allows you to connect to multiple Sony XB72 speakers wirelessly using Bluetooth thus providing a higher sound output.

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If you are planning to play your music to a crowd in an outdoor venue, you might want to get waterproof speakers such as the JBL Xtreme 3. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker with IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof rating, giving you peace of mind when you place your speakers in the outdoors. The battery life can last up to 15 hours which allows your DJ party to last throughout the night. If you need more sound output, you can always use their PartyBoost feature to connect multiple JBL PartyBoost compatible speakers. The JBL Xtreme 3 will be an amazing portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker for your Pioneer DDJ200.

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The JBL Professional IRX Series IRX108BT is a professional PA active speaker that has built-in Bluetooth connectivity and is an amazing match for your Pioneer DDj200 controller. The sound quality coming from a professional PA speaker is exceptional and furthermore, the JBL IRX108BT can go really loud of up to 124dB. You can also fine-tune the sound reproduction via the built-in EQ presets. The frequency range is wide which is between 54Hz-20kHz and the 1000W wattage should be enough to handle all sorts of music demands. If you need more sound output, you can always go for the 12″ version, JBL IRX112BT.

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If you are looking for a pair of entry-level professional studio monitors with Bluetooth connectivity then the JBL Professional 1 Series 104-BT will be the ideal choice to pair with the Pioneer DDJ 200. They are very compact in size, enabling you to place them nicely on your desktops. The only qualms we have is that the bass output may not be sufficient for some of you due to the size and power it has, but at this price point, it is quite difficult to nitpick. The clarity and details are plentiful, including subtle musical nuances that help you to mix with precision. We would suggest having an audition with them first.

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You can go for larger-sized studio monitors if you need more bass output and have a higher budget. Typically, a larger-sized speaker with a large woofer does produce higher bass output and deeper low frequency, you should check the speaker specs first to confirm. Professional headphones will be another ideal choice when it comes to mixing as they provide an incredible amount of detail and accuracy. Since you are connecting the audio components to your computer/laptop/mobile devices, you might need an external DAC and/or headphone amplifier for your pro headphones, in order to convert the digital signals into analog sound that can be output through your studio monitors. The headphone amp is only necessary if your headphones require power to drive them effectively.

To Sum It Up

The Pioneer DDJ 200 is a fantastic entry-level DJ controller but the lack of a soundcard may indirectly incur more costs for you. Still, it will depend on your requirements and the list of speakers are some of the best that you can go for and pair them with the Pioneer DDJ 200. It is highly recommended to audition these speakers first before making any decision, as you need to know if you like what you hear.

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