Speakers for QSC GX3

It is not always expensive to set up a home stereo system and neither is the need to compromise the sound quality just to fit your budget. Even if you choose the HiFi separate route, it can still be quite affordable to do so. For the power amplification stage, you can check out the QSC GX3 instead of the other usual HiFi brands.

The QSC GX3 power amplifier is not a good choice just because of its modest pricing. It is an amp that is well-accepted by its owners. If you are already a proud owner and are planning to match a pair of speakers with it then kindly continue to read on.

Merits of QSC GX3 power amplifier

The QSC GX3 is a 2-channel power amplifier and could drive a lot of speaker models on the market with ease. This is all thanks to its high amp power of 300W per channel into 8 Ohms and 425W per channel into 4 Ohms. You can choose either to go with a pair of bookshelf speaker types or floor-standers, given you have enough space for them. Aesthetic-wise, the QSC GX3 is not really appealing to look at but this may not be an issue if you don’t mind how the power amplifier looks inside your listening room.

It is capable of delivering clean sound reproduction and you can hardly hear any audible distortion. The QSC GX3 has plenty of headroom to spare, and you don’t really need to worry about it clipping. You can drive the GX3 to loud volume levels but at a lower volume, the power amplifier still sounds good. It is able to reproduce bass frequencies with control and doesn’t sound bloated the least. Not to mention, the deep low-ends are well-controlled too.

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The higher registers of the QSC GX3 are not bright sounding which makes it easier to listen to your music at high volume levels. There is accuracy and clarity in its high-frequency reproductions too. It is a pity the stock fan can get really noisy when the QSC GX3 starts to work harder. Even so, this shouldn’t affect your speaker choices but you may get a better listening experience when you have fixed the fan noise issue.

The overall sonic performance of the QSC GX3 is worth every single penny invested and for the asking price, you can’t really complain much. It delivers an accurate music presentation with very little coloration. This makes it easy to match with most speakers. We have listed out the best speakers to go with your QSC GX3 power amplifier below, please check them out.

Best Speakers for QSC GX3

The Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 is one of the best speakers to go with your QSC GX3 amplifier. This is a pair of floor-standing speakers and they can add some warmth to the overall sound reproductions. They have tight bass control and this matches well with the QSC GX3. The midrange of the Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 goes well with the power amp too. It adds a bit more energy to the mids of the clean-sounding QSC GX3. The Diamond 12.3 is certainly worth your time to take a further look.

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Q Acoustics Concept 40 is an award-winning floor-standing speaker and is an ideal choice for QSC GX3 owners who want a smoother music listening experience. The clarity of the Concept 40s matches well with the QSC GX3 power amplifier and the floor-standers also add more refinement to the music presentation. There are plenty of details to boot as well. If you like to drive your speakers to high volume levels, the Q Acoustics Concept 40 speakers will be amazing for you since they are easy on the ears.

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The Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-5000F II is another amazing floor-standing speaker to take a look especially if you want to make the overall sound reproduction a little brighter sounding. This is also an excellent choice for QSC GX3 owners who are planning to upgrade to Dolby Atmos 3D audio in the future. Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-5000F II makes it easy for you to integrate Dolby Atmos speakers. It is an all-rounded floor-standing speaker which is good for both music and home theater use.

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If you are looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers to match your QSC GX3 then you might want to check out the award-winning Q Acoustics Concept 20. They were once the highest-end stand-mounter model of the company and have garnered plenty of accolades throughout the years. This is partly due to their modest price point and the level of sonic performance you can get from them. You will need to use their dedicated speaker stands specifically made for the Concept 20s. This is needed in order for them to sound their very best.

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For QSC GX3 owners who prefer a larger bookshelf speaker, you might want to take a look at the KEF Q350. This is an exceptional pair of bookshelf speakers capable of projecting a large soundstage. Furthermore, the level of clarity is good too, filling the stage with a large number of music details. The bass is deep and clean, this is also due to the GX3 amplifier being able to feed enough power to the Q350 stand-mounters.

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The Dali Zensor 3 is one of the best speakers to match the QSC GX3 power amplifier. It adds more punch and gives the music presentation a wider dynamic. This makes the music delivery more exciting and fun to listen to. The tight bass delivery of the GX3 amp helps to control the low-end delivery of the Zensor bookshelf speakers. This is an excellent speaker choice for listeners who want an affordable pair of speakers and simply enjoy listening to their music with a bit more enthusiasm than usual.

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In Conclusion

The speakers listed here are well-matched with your QSC GX3, given how clean and neutral the power amplifier sounds. To make things easier, you might want to work out your budget first and use it as a way to filter out the speakers which you can’t afford. More importantly, after shortlisting the speakers, you should always audition them to see if you like their sound quality.

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