Subwoofer for QSC K8.2

The QSC K8.2 is a highly-rated powered loudspeaker for audio professionals who wants durability and excellent sonic performance without breaking the bank. With just a pair of them, you can fill a medium-sized room with loud and clear sound quality. How loud it can go you might ask. Well the maximum rated SPL at its peak will be 128dB at 1M which is loud enough for most events and usages. The continuous rated SPL at 122dB (@ 1M) is really good too.

This is partly thanks to the Class D amplifier which at its peak, pumps 225 Watts into the 1.4″ high-frequency transducer and a whopping 1800 Watts into the 8″ low-frequency transducer. The frequency response is considered good, and it is between 59Hz to 20kHz (-6dB). The overall bass performance is fine for both small and mid-sized rooms, but if you are planning to use the QSC K8.2 loudspeakers in a large area, you will need support from an active subwoofer.

The bass responses of the QSC K8.2 is precise and clean, and don’t overwhelm the upper registers. There is a lack of low-end punch and the missing sub-bass frequencies do make the overall audio reproduction sound less powerful. If the music you are playing is not bass-heavy, then the QSC K8.2 loudspeakers by themselves should suffice. The QSC K8.2 does particularly well with vocals and acoustic instruments.

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Even if you are using the QSC K8.2 for a small-sized room, adding a subwoofer will improve your listening experience as it will deliver the missing subterranean frequencies, giving you a full-range sound reproduction. You should however work out the requirements first before deciding to do further research on getting an active subwoofer for your sound system. As mentioned, the genre of music you are playing can be one of the requirements.

When you have confirmed that you indeed need a powered sub to supplement the bass performance then please check out the list below for the best subwoofers to match with your QSC K8.2 active speakers. You can take a look at the list before making the requirements as it might help you to decide what is important.

Best Subwoofers for QSC K8.2

The QSC KSub is one of the best subwoofers for QSC K8.2 loudspeakers. Not only they are made by the same company but also from the same series. You can expect both the QSC KSub and K8.2 to work together seamlessly with similar sonic signatures. It is compact for a dual 12″ subwoofer and makes it easier to find optimal placement. There are wheels attached to the QSC KSub and this allows you to move the subwoofer around with ease.

The QSC KS112 is another amazing subwoofer made by the same company as your QSC K8.2 loudspeakers. This 12″ subwoofer can go really deep into the bass extension, down to 38Hz (-10dB). It can go as loud as the QSC K8.2 speakers, up to 128dB @ 1M (peak) which is cool. The Class D amplifier of the QSC KS112 can drive an incredible peak power of 2000 Watts and will be enough for most events and/or music.

Do you want a professional subwoofer with a larger bass driver? If you say yes then please take a look at the JBL Professional EON718S active subwoofer. It uses an 18″ woofer and goes even deeper than the QSC KS112 sub. The JBL Professional EON718S can go down to 31Hz (-10dB) and is slightly louder too, at 131dB Max SPL to be exact. EON718S has a continuous RMS power of 750 Watts and up to 1500 Watts peak if you want to push it.

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For QSC K8.2 owners who want a more powerful 18″ subwoofer, you might want to take a look at the Behringer B1800XP. The built-in Class D amplifier can dish out 3000 Watts of dynamic power and can fill a large room with immense energy, allowing your audience to enjoy the bass performance. There is accuracy with its low-end delivery and the deep bass impact is satisfying. The performance of the Behringer B1800XP subwoofer also makes it an ideal choice for home theater use.

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Mackie Thump15A is one of the best professional subwoofers to match your QSC X8.2. This is a very highly rated subwoofer with hundreds of positive reviews given by its satisfied owners. The Mackie Thump15A is the 15″ model of the series and has 1300 Watts of dynamic power. It is capable of agile bass performance and fast enough to keep pace with your QSC X8.2 loudspeakers. The bass responses are tight and don’t sound overly exaggerated, blending in well with the X8.2’s clear-sounding audio quality.

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The Rockville RBG15S is one of the best PA subwoofers to get for your QSC X8.2 loudspeakers. It is also one of the most popular choices when it comes to professional 15″ PA subwoofers, just simply take a look at the tons of positive ratings left by the users. It is modestly priced for a PA sub with 1600W of peak power, not to mention, it could deliver deep bass responses down to 40Hz. The dynamic bass responses are clean and clear. It is very well-built too, a value-for-money PA subwoofer.

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In Conclusion

The QSC X8.2 are excellent active loudspeakers and will do just fine on their own, but pair them with a high-quality subwoofer, and you’ll get a fuller and more powerful sound quality. The musical presence that a powered subwoofer can deliver into the room is well worth the investment. On top of that, you don’t need to push your QSC X8.2 too hard just to get more bass output out of your sound system.

Your audience will also love you for adding a subwoofer into the mix. Just shortlist a few subs out of this list and hear them yourself.

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