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TimTheTatMan Microphone – What Mic Does TimTheTatMan Use?

TimTheTatMan is one of the streamers who have made a full-time gaming career through the popular duo Fortnite and Twitch. Timothy John Betar aka TimTheTatMan has recently gained a lot of traction as an entertainer and is famous for his boisterous personality. He started streaming and online gaming in 2012 with games like Overwatch, WoW, and CS:GO but it was with Fortnite that his account and following skyrocketed in a short time.

TimTheTatMan has been attracting thousands of viewers every day and has amassed more than 6.5 million followers to date. Much like his selection of games over the years, his streaming and gaming equipment also keeps updating. In this post, we discuss what gear and equipment the streamer adds to his setup to create high-quality streams that make him one of the top streamers of the time.

TimTheTatMan Microphone – UPDATED 2021

If you are starting on streaming your games on the internet, there are so many components that matter for a high-quality and appealing result. One of the most vital pieces in a streaming session is your microphone, whether you use it for broadcasting or in-game chat.

TimTheTatMan Microphone

TimTheTatMan has received several sponsorships one of which comes from Audio-Technica Corporation that offers some of the highest quality audio equipment for casual users as well as professionals. The streamer has made these components a staple of his setup ever since he signed the deal.

Let us get into the detail of the microphone in TimTheTatMan’s gaming setup and look at some other components that help him stream high-quality game content on Twitch.

What Mic Does TimTheTatMan Use?

TimTheTatMan previously used the Audio-Technica AT4047 microphone for broadcasting. Currently, he uses the Audio-Technica BP40 that holds a strong position among professionals ever since its release in 2015. It has become the brand’s flagship model being the first broadcast-type microphone.

Designed specifically for voice recording, the BP40 has a large-diaphragm design and delivers condenser-like voice quality that allows Tim’s followers to hear him clearly in a rich and natural tone. It has a special ‘floating edge’ structure that increases its overall recording surface and performance.

What Mic Does TimTheTatMan Use

The mic also has an impressive build quality with an all-metal housing and mechanical shock isolation to keep external noises away. It even comes with a multistage windscreen and high-performance internal pop filter to deliver crisp, smooth sound from any distance. The high-end mic is priced affordably to suit professional as well as amateur streamers alike.

What Headset Does TimTheTatMan Use?

At present, TimTheTatMan uses a professional headset from Audio Technica, the ATH M50xBT. These headphones are designed to cater to the needs of professional streamers for long studio sessions. With the large 45mm aperture drivers, they enable Tim to deliver precise audio during his game streaming. The headphones also feature snug contoured ear cups that seal tightly and provide outstanding sound isolation.

What Headset Does Timthetatman Use

The headset comes with a special over-ear design of the cups to make sure there is no disturbance from external noises. It also has touch button controls on the side and a built-in mic for convenience. There is also a collapsible headband between the cups for portability.

The M series headset is available in wired as well as wireless versions. The wireless model comes equipped with powerful 40-hour battery life and pairs with the device via Bluetooth. This feature is desirable for anybody who wants to keep moving during the live stream.

What Monitor Does TimTheTatMan Use?

TimTheTatMan uses a gaming monitor from LG as a part of his sophisticated setup as seen in the streams. The Nano IPS monitor 27GL850 has an ultra-wide display of 27-inches that facilitates a fast and smooth gaming experience with a minimized stutter and reduced screen tearing.

What Monitor Does Timthetatman Use

The monitor has an impressive response time of 1ms and a 144Hz refresh rate, allowing instant action and clear movement. The display is different from standard IPS in its support for HDR10 to deliver rich color and contrast for a lifelike gaming experience. Dynamic action sync elevates the gameplay with instant response and minimum lag.

Another impressive feature of this monitor is the center-display crosshairs that provide the high levels of precision and accuracy you need in shooter games. It also comes with a black stabilizer to deliver an improved vision for a pro-level gaming experience. With a wider range of colors, the monitor enables Tim to spot enemies faster for a higher success rate.

TimTheTatMan Gaming Setup

A lot of TimTheTatMan fans are curious to know what components comprise the gaming setup of the pro streamer who is seen taking challenges on a variety of RPG and FPS games. Let us take a look at the setup and peripheral gear he uses for gaming and streaming.

Timthetatman Gaming Setup


The gaming setup of the streamer consists of an Intel Core i9 9900k processor which fulfills the needs of a gaming PC, particularly for Twitch streamers. This processor uses 8 cores to be the first-ever model with a clock speed of 5GHz. Gaming processors should keep up with powerful graphics cards to run demanding games. To cater to these requirements, the i9 integrates a hyper-threading system for a performance boost.


The streamer’s gaming setup includes the premium MSI MEG Z390 motherboard with support for dual-channel DDR4 memory. It also works with 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors. It is equipped with special technology to maximize the connectivity and performance of your computer. The motherboard is a perfect choice for a gaming PC that packs powerful components to run games.


TimTheTatMan uses the Elite keyboard from Razer Huntsman which is a mechanical model with Opto Mechanical switches, RGB lighting, and wrist rest. It comes with robust aluminum construction for additional durability to suit avid gamers. There is a volume control wheel and panel and several programmable options for function keys.


The streamer adds a Razer gaming mouse to his setup to achieve the precision and accuracy his gaming sessions demand. The DeathAdder Elite has a sensitivity of 16,000 DPI and offers notable resistance on the buttons to minimize accidental clicks. The mouse is ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long gaming sessions. It also comes with some side buttons for programming.


As a highly significant component of a gaming setup, webcams are vital for streamers who want to provide interactive game streams. TimTheTatMan uses a DSLR camera, Panasonic Lumix G7 which is not specifically designed for gaming. It is intended for IRL activities and suits established streamers. It features interchangeable lenses to allow recording between 480p-4k, depending on what you are willing to record. Being faster than DSLR, this camera is ideal for capturing fast-paced content.

Capture Card

A professional streamer willing to create high-quality content requires a capture card. The AverMedia Live Gamer 4k as used by TimTheTatMan is one of the best options available at the time. It can capture 4Kp60 HDR content at 240Hz frame rates for smooth gameplay recordings. The capture card adds a unique touch to the setup with customizable RGB lighting. It also offers specialized software to stream the game on multiple platforms and edit the videos professionally.


TimTheTatMan’s gaming setup also includes a GoXLR mixer to achieve complete control over audio sources without having to get additional software. It is a multi-channel mixer with motorized faders that facilitates creating high-quality sound and adding effects in real-time. The GoXLR lets you add a variety of effects like echo, reverb, megaphone, pitch shift, robot, and more to hard tune the voice. It is also quite easy to use with simple controls and suits beginners and pros alike.

Graphics Card

The GPU in Tim’s setup is the EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 which performs faster than most other graphics cards in the market and runs games with perfect realism. This unit also uses a cooling system and heat sink to achieve low temperatures and get users rid of overheating. The card even allows capturing stunning 360-degree, HDR screenshot pictures during the game.


Gamers like Tim need powerful RAM to speed up the computer performance for a smooth gaming experience. He, therefore, uses 2 x 16 GB of RAM from Teamgroup T-Force XCalibur in his gaming setup. It is a 3200 MHz DDR4 with RGB customization to adjust the lighting to match the colors of other components. It features a totem design on the light that acts as a heat spreader, making the RAM different from others.


The Twitch streamer uses the NZXT H700 compact case with steel construction. It has a tempered glass panel that gives it an elegant touch and comes water cooling ready. It works with the native application to let you customize the presets for lighting and fans. You can manage bandwidth consumption, temperature, and performance to your liking and monitor all the aspects right from the app.


This post should give you a comprehensive overview of what computer peripherals and gaming equipment TimTheTatMan use for his streams that get millions of views from fans and followers. We have also discussed about his microphone and outlined its features to help you build a gaming setup like the famous streamer, whether you are an amateur or pro gamer or looking to start a streaming career.

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