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All You Need to Know about DCM, Meyer Subwoofers and more

Music is very important in this world, at least to me, as it entertains, and helps people to relax. Knowing this there are a lot of brands that have gotten involved in the production of speakers, subwoofers, and other HiFi audio devices, all of them eager to reproduce the most natural and highest sound quality from any music source. Now let’s look at the various subwoofer brands, their prices, and the features they have to offer.

DCM Subwoofer

The DCM loudspeakers started in the year 1974. Like many other music lovers, this brand also originated from the love for music. The founders were trying to make the speakers which would provide the most impact of a live concert. With extensive research, they landed on the existing audio technology through which they were able to deliver a great product. What started as a passionate pursuit for high-quality sound reproduction paved the way for a remarkable product.

The first speaker to hit the market from the brand was the Time Window speaker. This speaker was received well by the critics and by the audiophiles. The various needs of the listeners were always taken care of which led the DCM speakers and subwoofers to be a successful brand throughout the years. The best part about these speakers is that they are affordable in spite of the amazing high-quality sound they deliver. For a lot of years now, this brand has developed many home theatre sets, subwoofers, speakers which excels in design and sound quality.

They are able to do this because they challenge themselves every time they decide to develop a new product in any category. They always make sure their products have strong bass with clear and accurate sound. The design and manufacturing are done in such a way where the components are handpicked and outside the box way of thinking is applied. The prices of these home theatre components and the subwoofers are pretty reasonable which is a standout factor for the brand.

There are all kinds of music enthusiasts. Some people look for certain additions to their home theatre and to get that musical experience. There are others for whom music is their passion and the music systems are part of their identity. When one part of the population takes music systems as their lifestyle the other part takes it as their religion. Understanding this customer base led to the success of the brand. Their subwoofers and music systems seem to satisfy both categories.

Their products are of course fully interactive. And you can get the full experience from their home theatre set. The new subwoofer collection for the home theatre set is the Time Bass series. The price range of this product lies between $199 to $699. This benefits the customer a lot. Since the DCM subwoofers are able to bring the right bass to satisfy all types of customers at this price range, the product immediately became a hit. Most of the subwoofers in this category come with a neat black finished cabinet.

There is the TB1 in this category which costs around $199.95. With this power-packed device, one can set up an outstanding 5.1 system with the addition of a DCM16C center channel along with four DCM16S bookshelf speakers. There are other alternatives to the TB1 for the audiophiles in the crowd. In this case, the TB1010 which is a 10-inch driver comes at the price of $349.95, the DCM TB1515 which is a 15-inch driver at the price of $699. Also, there are the TB1212 which is a 12-inch driver with a price range of $449.

The driver which comes in all these three is coupled to the passive radiator in order to produce an extended low-frequency response. They can handle the power range of anywhere between 100 and 250 watts of power. This means that movie playback will have a lot more impact and rumble, enhancing your home theatre entertainment. The features of the woofers include ultimate protection too. There are cases where the underpowered systems which do not have proper protection circuit which ends up producing bad quality sounds. In this case, there is active compression present, which will evaluate the input signal and also gives protection for it against the injuring spikes in the sound which has the potential to harm the amplifier.

DCM Speakers

I would also like to take this opportunity to talk a bit about DCM Loudspeakers especially the coveted DCM26 which has won The Electronic House “Product of the Year” award. An amazing sounding speaker which will wow even the discerning few. With its dual 6.5 inch midbass array, this floorstanding DCM speakers will most definitely be able to hit the deep bass note and shake the whole room. The frequency response of this model will be from 35Hz-20kHz, but just hear me out, even if it could go that low, you should still pair it with a subwoofer. Especially if you’ll be using this pair of DCM floorstanding speakers for movies, as you still need a subwoofer to hit the subterranean bass level. And of course, you should still stick with DCM subwoofers as the sound signatures are more similar.

If music is the main focus of your entertainment and/or you are a stereo purist then this pair of speakers will certainly be enough for most music genres. The stereo imaging and accuracy is incredible due to the DCM26 speakers’ soft dome tweeters, the light-weight and glass fiber cones will provide you with accuracy beyond your imagination.

DCM Loud Speakers - DCM26

Meyer Subwoofer

Here you get the classic design with a good heritage. It is a subwoofer that is self-powered. It also gives a very low-frequency response. There is the USW-1P which performs well along with the UPA-P series loudspeakers which is self-powered. This helps in providing listeners with full-range music reproduction from most sources. The loudspeaker and the woofer are compatible with all other self-powered sound devices.

The USW-1P will be adequate with the installation set up along with the two 15 inch drivers. Both these drivers are powered with a dedicated channel for them. They also contain a protective liner which supports them in high output levels for all types of the frequency range. There is also a built-in crossover that takes in the full-range signal. This allows for the perfect signal distribution after removing all outside crossovers. They can be used for multiple purposes. For the theatrical sound experience, this will be a perfect choice. If you are looking for portable and installed audio-visual systems that have surround sound presentations, then this system will satisfy all the needs. They come in a range of $2900.

In the case of the 600 Hp Meyer Sound subwoofer, it is a high-performance system that can be used with the floor-mounted arrays along with the flown arrays too. They can be connected to the MICA Compact High Power Curvilinear Array Speaker directly when it is combined with the Rigging frame. This is of course optional. It can also be used with the other Meyer Sound speakers. It also applies to both the touring and fixed applications. There are two drivers that have the 15-inch cone drivers and are specifically designed to ensure optimum subwoofer performance. As well as giving the expected performance in all applications that you expect from a subwoofer of this caliber. There are also the long-stroke drivers which have the 4-inch voice coil and have ventilation in the backside. The driver has a power range of 1200 watts.

Meyer Subwoofer

The dual cone drivers are perfectly tuned for a ventilated housing and are rectangular in shape. It has the same width as the MICA with a slight difference in height and depth. There is the plastic skid which is applied to all the 600-Hps. This is a protective case that is given to save the device from all kinds of damage. The frequency spectrum of the device falls between 33 Hz to 150 Hz. There is a peak SPL of 138 dB.  The driver is handled by the channel which has the integrated Class AB/H amplifier that has the complementary MOSFET output stage.

In order to extend the lifetime of the drivers, there is the TryPower Limiting given to it. It also ensures that the power pressure is below 1dB. The maximum output performance will be 2250 watts, which also ensures there is enough headroom to optimally carry the extreme sound requirements in movies and music that have heavy bass tracks. All the devices such as the power supply and the control electronics with the amplifier are placed on the replaceable module which is kept at the end of the housing.

The highlight features of the device are that it has very low distortion in order to support the low-frequency clarity. It is also stackable and is flyable with the help of a rigging kit. The speaker is extremely reliable and also durable for a long time. They are also transportable in blocks which can be done with the heavy-duty caster frame. They also have higher peak power yields.

DAS Subwoofer

When you talk about the Action subwoofer under DAS it has the perfect subwoofer system which is made in a way to produce the extended bass response. It is powered by a Class D amplifier that has the switch-mode power supply and a 3200 watts peak power. It also has digital signal processing (DSP). The amplifier used here comes with a special feature. It has the unique EQ switch which allows the user to choose the deep sub-bass response or the loud bass response.

The system will cover the ranges between 35Hz to 125 Hz. To give more control of the system, there is the polarity reverse switch and the control option. The price range falls near to $2564. The highlight features include the filtered output defeat switch along with the gain control. The powered horn-bass subwoofer system along with the 18-inch low-frequency driver which has the capacity of high bass output will be the other highlight feature here.

Best Seller – Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer – Featuring High Current Amp and Low-Pass Filter | Up to 100 Watts | Big Bass at A Great Value | Easy Integration Home Theater Systems

UnderSeat Subwoofers

Now there are subwoofers that fit right under your car seat. It is made to save space as many subwoofers take up a lot of space in the car. These types of subwoofers may not have a high bass output like other types but will still be able to enhance your music listening with the added and deeper bass response compared to the usual car speakers. Since they are small in size it will not cost much and they are also light on weight. Their power capacity is also pretty good. If you are going for an underseat subwoofer then you should check out the list below.

Kicker 11HS8: This brand always pops up when you are looking for anything related to car audio. Due to the simple reason that this is one of the most popular brands for car audio systems and is very reliable. It also has good components that excel in quality. Though the price range might be a bit high it is still better compared to the other options. It is an 8-inch internal subwoofer and it will fit right under your car seat saving you a lot of space.

More Information – Kicker 11HS8 8″ 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure HS8

Pioneer TSSWX2502: Pioneer is another very well established brand in the car audio system industry. It is one of the top tier brands that produce high-quality audio components. It is made to ensure loud bass with the help of a 10-inch LF driver. This is the way to go if you want something which is highly reliable and able to go all the way down to 20 Hz. This is the right model to go if you are not concerned much about the space as it might take up a little more space than the others. This is because the dimension of this underseat subwoofer is quite big (21.34 x 46.99 x 36.58 cm). So it might not sit well if your vehicle doesn’t have much space.

More Information – Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

Kenwood KSC-SW11: In case you want to upgrade the sound quality of your music playback while driving in your car then this is the subwoofer to buy. It is compact but still packs a punch with it’s RMS power of 75 watts and up to a maximum of 150 watts. There will not be any rattle in this speaker as there is an aluminum enclosure present to remove all that, enriching the actual sound. This is a reliable brand when it comes to car audio systems.

More Information – Kenwood KSC-SW11 150W Low-Profile Amplified Car Subwoofer Enclosure+Amp Kit

Sound storm LOPRO8: This speaker is definitely worthy of your consideration due to its price range. Since it is less than $100 and is able to give you a maximum of 600 watts power. This subwoofer does offer a lot more than some of its competitors. It is giving us a lot for such an affordable price, with features like a variable low-pass filter, high and low-level inputs, and more. And it fits right in almost any space. This audio device is also equipped with short and overloaded protection circuits along with the thermal option. This is to ensure that the amplifier will be automatically shut-off when it gets too hot or if the speakers fail, causing a short.

More Information – Sound Storm LOPRO8 Amplified Car Subwoofer – 600 Watts Max Power, Low Profile, 8 Inch Subwoofer, Remote Subwoofer Control, Great For Vehicles That Need Bass But Have Limited Space

Pyle PLBASS8: The brand Pyle is a major player in the budget speaker category. However, this particular model might be a little overpriced for its range. Even so, this price range seems to be still priceworthy for such under-seat car subwoofers as some of the other competitors are priced more than this. Pyle PLBASS8 is a low-profile super slim under seat subwoofer system with an RMS power of 300 watts up to a maximum power of 600 watts. Packed with features such as remote bass boost control with a variable bass boost range from 0 to +12dB, phase shift switch, and other features. One of the most important features will be the thermal and overload protection which not only extends the life of your Pyle PLBASS8, it will also ensure the safety of your vehicle in relation to this underseat subwoofer system.

More Information – Pyle PLBASS8 8-Inch Super Slim Active Subwoofer


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