Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer For Truck

Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer For Truck – Buying Guide & Top 5 Options

Thanks to a wide variety of shallow mount subwoofers, you can now enjoy your road trips and play your favorite tunes without having to worry about the bass or the sub-bass. Obviously, the experience is not new at all – if you are into audio equipment, you might have had a subwoofer before. But then, the classic subwoofer is way more complex and not necessarily a breeze to install and deal with.

From this point of view, a shallow mount subwoofer might represent a better choice. It comes with a few benefits over the classic alternative and it comes up with a unique type of performance. However, choosing the best shallow mount subwoofer for truck could be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, a little education on this topic will push you in the right direction.

So, what do you need to know before making a final decision?

Benefits Of A Shallow Mount Subwoofer

There are a few general advantages associated with shallow mount subwoofers and most of them are associated with the design and construction of this unit.


In terms of weight, compared to a classic subwoofer, the shallow mount one is much lighter. Weight may not always be an issue, but you will be able to tell the difference straight away. If a regular subwoofer weighs your truck down, this one will not really affect the performance of your vehicle. It will not reduce the speed or power and it will not add to the fuel consumption.


Portability is somehow related to the actual weight. Since this unit is super lightweight, you will be able to move it around with no issues at all. Whether it comes to the installation, moving it out of the car, or to another car, you are less likely to struggle. You will not need someone else to help you either, so overall, the shallow mount subwoofer is much more convenient.


The installation is another aspect related to the weight. If you have installed a regular subwoofer in the past, you probably know how daunting it is. Not only is it heavy, but it is also inconvenient and difficult to move around. The shallow mount alternative is lighter and ensures a much quicker installation – even better if you have to move it around from one vehicle to another.

Power consumption

The shallow mount subwoofer is lighter and easier to deal with. Given the small profile, it is obviously less pretentious. It will not require too much power to run – less strain on your truck battery and obviously less fuel consumption.


In terms of looks, a classic subwoofer is bulky and heavy. It will look like a random box inside the truck. Even if you throw it in the back, it will still look terrible. There is simply no way to mask its bulkiness. The shallow mount subwoofer will bring in a sleek and compact appearance that is way easier to mask.


Finally, in terms of maintenance, you simply cannot go wrong with the shallow mount unit. The simplistic installation and compact style make maintenance a breeze. Whether it comes to regular cleaning or repairs, spotting problems is fairly simple.

Now that you know the benefits of this option, what is the best shallow mount subwoofer for truck, and what kind of features make the difference?

Top 5 Shallow Mount Subwoofer For Trucks

Skar Audio VD-12 D4

Skar Audio’s best shallow mount subwoofer for truck comes in a set of two – great value for money. You have two 12 inch dual four ohm subwoofers with a maximum power of 800 watts each. The RMS power is rated at 500 watts for each of them.

Given the shallow mount subwoofer style, each unit is fairly compact. In fact, the mounting depth goes down to under five inches. In terms of sensitivity, you have 85.9dB and a frequency response between 35Hz and 300Hz.

The installation is fairly simple and should pose no issues at all – a good DIY project. Other than that, you have pressed paper cones and stitched foam. In terms of audio quality, you will love the powerful and dominant sound.


·         Value for money

·         Great power

·         Easy to install

·         Good frequency response

·         Compact design


·         Not suitable for those who are after one unit only

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Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X12 R2

Rockford Fosgate’s alternative to classic subwoofers is built to impress, whether you count the compact appearance or the overall performance. The subwoofer barely measures 13.5×27.3×5.2 inches, so it is easy to fit.

In terms of weight, the unit goes up to just under 24 pounds. Installing it is a matter of minutes only. It has an incredibly high flow, as well as a low noise port design. The 12 inch subwoofer also features its own enclosure.

There are 11 AWG input terminals, as well as a maximum output power of 500 watts. Regarding the enclosure, it is made of solid MDF. Only available in black, the unit looks great and ensures a simple operation.


·         Easy to install

·         Small design

·         Comes with an enclosure

·         Good maximum power

·         Durable


·         Screws might need screwing back in every now and then

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Alphasonik AS12DF

Alphasonik does not fool around when it comes to quality. The power rating underlines great quality standards – 1,500 watts for the maximum power and 500 watts RMS. The final impedance will go to four ohm and the sensitivity is set to 93dB.

Unlike other models in this price range, this subwoofer comes with its own enclosure. The enclosure measures 20.4×6.7×14.1 inches. Make sure there is enough room to fit it in your truck and you will be amazed.

It has a spun aluminum cone, high strength rubber EPDM for the surround material, push type terminals and a copper wound voice coil. The frequency response goes between 26Hz and 500Hz – a bit more than the standard for this industry.


·         Good looking design

·         Comes with a compact enclosure

·         Good power

·         Quality materials

·         Value for money


·         Can be easily blown if not used right

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MB Quart DS1-254

MB Quart’s best shallow mount subwoofer for truck is an excellent middle choice option with great value for money. It comes from a reliable brand and features 10 inches in diameter – ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

Measuring under three inches in depth, this subwoofer will work wonders in most trucks – even alright for small cars. Sealed enclosure applications are ideal for it. It comes with a heavy gauge powder coated stamped steel basket for a top notch base and amazing bass – the front and rear venting helps too.

Finally, the subwoofer is built for heavy duty purposes. The UV rubber surround can take years of regular use. It will not fade under direct sunlight, but it will maintain its flexibility. At the same time, the nickel plated push and insert will help with the installation and resist rust and corrosion.


·         Heavy duty construction

·         Compact enclosure

·         High performance

·         Durable

·         Great bass


·         Easy to blow if you fail to set it up correctly

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Infinity Reference REF1200S

The best shallow mount subwoofer for truck carrying the Infinity quality standards provides great value for money. There are no fancy bells and whistles, but just a solid sound performance for the money you pay.

The unit looks sleek and compact. Installing it should be a matter of minutes if you know what you are doing. It is quite lightweight – around 12 pounds – and measures 12 inches. It has a low profile design and can work wonders in tight places.

In terms of performance, you have a maximum output power of 1,000 watts – way more than average for this price range. Also, you have a 92dB sensitivity, as well as a frequency response between 27Hz and 175Hz.


·         Easy to install

·         Compact appearance

·         Good power

·         Great value for money

·         Super lightweight


·         No enclosure

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What To Look For In The Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer For Truck

Whether this is the first time you get a subwoofer or you have some experience with classic subwoofers, choosing the best shallow mount subwoofer for a truck may still raise some question marks. Here is what you need to look for when about to make a final decision.


Sizes vary widely – you can find subwoofers between eight and 15 inches. Generally speaking, the larger the subwoofer is, the louder the bass is. However, there are a few exceptions as well. The size is also directly responsible for the RMS and peak power. Keep in mind that size will negatively affect the installation.

Frequency range

The frequency range is often overlooked by newbies, yet it is extremely important – after all, it limits the subwoofer. If the lower limit is small, frequencies can get really low and deep. If a solid bass is your primary concern, opt for the lowest frequency limit you can find.

Single or dual voice coils

Single voice coils represent the more basic option – ideal if you are only after a quick and efficient upgrade to the truck audio system. On the other hand, dual voice coils bring in some extra options – more sound outputs, lots of flexibility and so on. If you like customizing your music, dual voice coils represent a must.


The power is pretty obvious. Consider the wattage to determine how much power your subwoofer can handle. Keep in mind that this aspect relates to peak performance. Using your subwoofer at the highest rating for a long period of time will eventually destroy it. It will overheat and give up on you. Stick to the RMS instead if you want to look after your unit.


The sensitivity rating tells you how much power a shallow mount subwoofer has. Both the sensitivity value and the power rating should be considered here. A high sensitivity will bring in quality sound without requiring too much power. A sub with a lower sensitivity will require more power for the same quality standards.


Not all subwoofers come with an enclosure. If you can get one with an enclosure, do so. After all, the enclosure is specifically built by the same brand for that specific subwoofer – you would never be able to come up with the same match.

All in all, the enclosure type will affect the sound quality, as well as the performance. A sealed box, for instance, can come up with super deep bass. On the other hand, a ported enclosure or a bandpass enclosure will give you a higher volume. It is up to you to determine your priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is perfectly normal to face a few challenges when looking for the best shallow mount subwoofers for trucks. Here are some of the most popular questions both newbies and experienced users might have.

What is a powered shallow mount subwoofer?

The powered subwoofer comes with an amplifier, so you will not have to buy it yourself separately. Such subwoofers usually feature their own enclosures – that is where the amplifiers go. They are excellent for trucks without too much space. The overall audio and bass are quite good, but the small enclosure limits the power. Super deep bass tones are less likely to be achieved.

Should I get an enclosed subwoofer?

Some people design or own enclosures before getting the actual subwoofers. Some other subwoofers come with their own enclosures – perfectly fit and well designed. Some enclosed subwoofers come with amplifiers, but most of them do not. In other words, you will have to buy the amplifier separately. In terms of popularity, simple shallow mount subwoofers are more popular than enclosed alternatives, but the enclosed options provide more convenience.

Is a component subwoofer worth the money?

Component shallow mount subwoofers tend to come with more separate parts. They are most commonly designed for audiophiles who want deep customization of their systems. You have the possibility to choose exactly what kind of parts you get – including the amplifier or the enclosure.

While such shallow mount subwoofers for trucks are great for your specific needs, they are not recommended to complete newbies because putting them together requires some technical skills. On the other hand, the non-component subwoofer comes with everything in one enclosure – ideal for those who do not want too much hassle.

How expensive can a shallow mount subwoofer for truck be?

Shallow mount subwoofers for trucks go anywhere between $50 and over $150. The cheapest options measure eight inches on average, while the more expensive options provide superior performance and great quality standards. Choosing the right one depends on your available budget, as well as your personal necessities.


As a short final conclusion, deciding on the shallow mount subwoofer for your truck is a matter of doing your homework. Before anything else, you need to determine what you actually hope to achieve from such a subwoofer. Once you have your priorities straight, go through the top rated options on the market to find the most suitable option. Learning from others’ experiences pays off, especially as you can get both the pluses and minuses of certain subwoofers.

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