Best amplifiers in the McIntosh family

The best amplifiers in the McIntosh family

While there are many brands prevalent, one of the most outstanding brands in the field of Hifi amplifiers will be the world-renowned, McIntosh. Due to its quality, it has excel in this Hifi industry for decades. Now let’s look at the various models under this popular brand and the accessories needed for it.

McIntosh MC207

Following the footsteps of the MC205, this amazing home theatre amplifier is able to deliver an outstanding movie experience in the walls of your home itself. The MC207 gives around 200 watts of power for each of the speaker channels. This will be present in the 7.1 home theatre systems. Apart from that, it can also be used for the 5.1 home theatres which will require the remaining 2 channels. These are used in order to power the second zone in stereo. The power manager technology helps in making the MC207 deliver its full potential in both the 8 and 4 Ohm speakers. This makes sure the amplifier is compatible with all the home theatre variations.

McIntosh MC207

In the case of MC207, there are no cooling fans needed. This is to make sure that there is no noise interference with the playback related to the fan, which otherwise would have been interfering in the movie and/or music soundtrack. In order to save the speaker from any kind of damage which might happen due to clipping, there is the power guard present. For protection from any short circuit, there is the sentry monitor technology. This will ensure the proper flow of the current and the break of the flow before the current reaches a ‘more than safe’ operating zone. After this, the reset will happen on its own once the operating situations are back to the original form.

For the proper connection of MC207 to the home theatre, there are inputs based on balanced and unbalanced. For the measurement of power, there are three blue watt meters given. This is provided in front of the three channels. The appearance of the MC207 is attractive with the polished stainless steel chassis along with the black glass front panel. Then there are the knobs and custom made aluminum end caps, which will please anyone’s eye. There are many McIntosh mc207 for sale but before purchasing one you should know about the specifics too.

Power Guard: This is a waveform comparison circuit which will continuously monitor both the input and the output signals. It will automatically adjust to the input level, which will avoid any kind of clipping. This will prevent harsh sound distortion.

Power Assurance System: This system is the signature part of the McIntosh family. It is basically a collection of technologies that are on pace to increase performance and reliability. It will also protect the loudspeakers as well as the amplifiers.

Dynamic Power Manager: The output stages from 4 to 8 Ohm loudspeakers are managed with DPM. This will increase the power transfer efficiency and will also help in reducing the distortion. It also maintains a cool operation.

Sentry Monitor: With the short circuit protection given in a fuse-less way, this sentry monitor will disengage the output stage even before the current reached the safe operating levels. It will then automatically reset the operating conditions and it will return the operation to normalcy.

When looking into the McIntosh mc207price or the McIntosh mc207 retail price it will fall anywhere around the range of $4550.

McIntosh MC8207

This is a 7 channel home theatre amplifier where the watts per channel is around 200. This amplifier is capable of delivering optimum power for all the speakers in the 7.1 channel home theatre. The delivered quality will be according to the standards of the McIntosh brand. There are certain LED output indicators that are used in place of the normal blue meters. These new indicators display the amplifier’s power output in the same way the normal blue meters do, but it will be easier to understand. This makes the MC8207 one of the best choice for a home theatre set, making the screen the primary focus.

Apart from the 7.1 theatre sets it can also be used in the 5.1 home theatre speakers, provided there are 2 channels in place to power the second zone in stereo mode. To make sure the Mc8207 is able to deliver to its full capacity there is the McIntosh Dynamic Power Manager in place. This DPM is an exclusive make of the McIntosh family. It will help the amplifier to deliver the full power to both the 4 and the 8 Ohm speakers. This makes sure the amplifier is compatible with all sets of home theatre speakers.

Similar to the other home theatre amplifiers this particular set also does not have the need for a cooling fan. Again, there is no noise related to the fan due to the absence of it. This will ensure the soundtrack is playing at it’s fullest. To protect any kind of damage to the speaker which might result from clipping or from over-driving the amplifier there is the PowerGuard present. To make sure the system is protected from the short-circuit damage there is the presence of the Sentry Monitor. This will disengage the output even before the current goes to the maximum safety level. After this point, it will automatically reset to the original state.

To make sure the sound quality is properly set-up there is balanced audio cables present which are given for all 7 channels. In the pace of the dual-zone configuration, there is also the unbalanced inputs present. This can be used in the secondary zone. The additional factors like the custom machined, brushed aluminum end caps and the black glass front panel makes the MC8207 an attractive choice. As McIntosh mc8207 price falls around $6000 it is a good option to consider.

McIntosh C50

In order to replace the C46, McIntosh C50 maybe one of the best alternatives. It is mainly designed to align with the McIntosh MC452 to deliver the optimal performance. Even then this stereo control center will go perfectly with any McIntosh amplifier. This C50 from the McIntosh family will offer much more flexibility in comparison to any other McIntosh Control Centres. While most of the preamplifiers are made to work optimally with the analog music sources, the C50 will also do the same in no time. In addition to that, it will also enhance digital sources. This includes the CD players, tuners, USB devices, and music servers.

In the case of being flexible, the C50 can be combined with the multi-channel audio systems. This can be done with the Pass-Through feature. This particular feature will allow the stereo system to be uniquely integrated into a home theatre system. Apart from that the integration with the 3rd party controls will be an added advantage here. This will make sure the 3rd party controls go to the McIntosh source products. The vinyl has 2 separate phono inputs which will include all the phono cartridge types. This makes sure that the phono playback is at the premium level. It can also be operated with the handheld remote control, providing you with more comfortable music playback.

For the normal treble and bass adjustments, there is the eight-band tone control present in the C50. This is even programmable for deployment or it can be bypassed with the input selection according to the user’s need. This will make sure that the tone control will allow the audio response solution even for the unclear recordings. There is also the digital decoding present here, which uses the latest digital to analog conversion. The data are made independent of its source with the help of digital data resampling. The sound quality will be amazing from the digital sources due to this change.

Regards to input department in the C50 there are the 10 balanced analog inputs here. Along with this, there is the Moving Magnet and the Moving Coil. This will have the trim adjustments present in the remote control. To complete the package, there is McIntosh’s own USB digital audio. This will allow downloads that might be taken from CDs also. Apart from this streaming music can also be obtained. In C50, unlike the C48, the music which is played can be operated with the remote provided it is played on any of the four PC and Mac audio programs.

The designing engineers were particular in separating all the power supplies and the digital circuitry from the analog circuitry. This will enhance the electrical shield to optimize the performance of the C50. The final result will be close to the 2 chassis preamp design. Another upgrade of C50 features the processor loop which will give the addition of the 2 channel processor. Alternatively, it will also provide the record device monitor loop to the system. These circuits are placed in the source location just before the volume and the equalizer. This allows the C50 to perform efficiently.

There is also the built-in dedicated headphone amplifier present in the C50 which is the best choice for personal listening. This is a great option to listen to your favorite music if you want to mute the main preamp outputs. There is also a top gall cover in terms of appearance along with the inverted polished stainless steel chassis. This comes with the McIntosh blue front panel output level meters. The McIntosh c50 has its price range between $6500 to $7000.

McIntosh MC2301

The MC2301 is able to deliver an unbelievable performance, whether if it is rock music or the heart-pounding bass tracks. The output falls in the range of 300 watts, which is a good power to drive the most demanding loudspeakers. The full watts are made available to the 2, 4, and 8 Ohm speakers with the help of the Unity Coupled Circuit output transformer. This is one of the first McIntosh vacuum tube amplifiers to make use of the Quad Balanced design. This design is used to cancel all the background noise and distortion which comes along the audio signal. 

This makes sure that even when the amplification happens to be driven at high levels the playback of any music will be free free from any noise. There is the Sentry Monitor which will safeguard the amplifier from any short-circuit issues. This will cut the flow and reset automatically to the normal level once the safe levels are reached again. The McIntosh mc2301 has balanced as well as unbalanced cables which will ensure flexibility for connecting the audio system. To bring in an enhanced visual appeal there is the attractive blue meter which is flanked by two rows of output vacuum tubes.

The McIntosh MC302

To deliver the legendary music the McIntosh family has come up with the MC302 stereo amplifier. This is because of the build quality and technical performance. The amplification for each channel is 300 watts. The high channel power can be delivered for 2,4 and 8 Ohm speakers. There are various McIntosh mc302 for sale and it will be the perfect choice for the stereo system of a music lover. It can also be combined with the McIntosh amplifiers in order to use for the multichannel home theatre systems. This can be used for the main as well as the surround channels.

The blue watt meters are quite attractive and it also helps in giving the fast and accurate reading of the power output of the amplifier. In order to enhance flexibility, there are balanced and unbalanced cables that can be connected to the remaining of the audio system. The noted technology of McIntosh like the Power Guard is present in the MC302. This will prevent any possible damage to the speakers. Also, there is the SentryMonitor which is specifically made to protect the device from short-circuit problems.

To prevent the speaker cables from becoming loose there are the Solid Cinch binding posts attached. This is gold plated so as to avoid any possible corrosion. It will also ensure that the signal quality is maintained. The appearance of the MC302 is attractive just like the other amplifiers in the family, thanks to the highlight features and accessories it holds. The price of the MC302 will be around the range of $5500.

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