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The PMC Twenty5 24 is a pair of floor-standing speakers that have won many accolades throughout a decade or more. Even though their hefty price tag can be a deterring factor for some but they are still worth considering if you are currently in search of a pair of high-quality loudspeakers.

For listeners who are already proud owners of the PMC Twenty5 24 and are searching for a matching amp, please continue to read on and find out more.

The Merits Of PMC Twenty5 24

The PMC Twenty5 24 has a unique slanted cabinet design when compared to other two-way floor-standing speakers. It makes them stand out among the crowd and yet look minimalistic enough to blend into your home decor. You will notice a 27mm tweeter/high-frequency driver located at the top, followed by a low-frequency driver which is 170mm (6.5″). At the bottom, you will find two bass ports with a distinctive look. These ports use PMC’s Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology.

PMC Twenty5 24 has a nominal impedance of 8 Ohms and a speaker sensitivity of 89dB which is fine. The frequency response is between 27Hz to 25kHz and this is impressive for a floor-stander of its size. An amplifier power of 30 Watts to 200 Watts is recommended, and it would be wise to use a high-powered amp to drive the PMC Twenty5 24. They should have sufficient space between the walls or you can do a trial and error until you find the best speaker position.

You will think with two bass ports on each floor-standing speaker, the bass reproductions can get overwhelming, and surprisingly, they are not. The low-end delivery is tight and agile, it never overstays its welcome nor affects the upper registers. PMC Twenty5 24 also digs deep into the bass extension and reproduces them with confidence. Thanks to the nimble bass performance, the music presentation is rhythmic and has high clarity.

There are plenty of music details being revealed and this doesn’t make the PMC Twenty5 24 sound overly analytical. The overall sound reproduction has top-notch accuracy as well, these PMC floor-standing speakers will stay close to the source. Making the vocals and musical instruments being played out sounds natural. As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a matching amp then you are at the right place. You can check the list below for the best amps to go with the PMC Twenty5 24 speakers, you might want to set a budget first.

Best Amplifiers for PMC Twenty5 24

The Naim Supernait 3 will no doubt be one of the best amps to go together with the PMC Twenty5 24 speakers. This is an extraordinary amplifier that has won plenty of accolades and has the power to drive the Twenty5 24 floor-standing speakers with ease. Naim Supernait 3 bass performance shines really well on these PMC Twenty5 24 due to how accurate and tight the low-end delivery of these speakers is. The overall sound reproduction of the Supernait 3 amp is clean sounding, not to mention, the music control is superb.

The Music Fidelity M6SI is one of the best integrated amplifiers to match your PMC Twenty5 24 floor-standers. This is a world-class amp with many awards under its belt. It has the amplifier power to drive and unlock the potential of the PMC Twenty5 24 speakers. The music presentation simply sounds beautiful and it is realistic too. You can easily sit for hours while listening to your favorite music in this stereo setup. The price point is considered really modest for the musical performance you are getting out of the M6SI amp.

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Yamaha Audio A-S3200 has a classic cabinet design that gives you the old analog stereo feel. This is also where the A-S3200 integrated amp does better than some other amplifiers in the same price range. If you don’t listen to high-res audio files then the Yamaha Audio A-S3200 is an excellent choice. This integrated amplifier digs out a lot of music details including subtle ones. The neutral sonic characteristics allow the listener to hear these details clearly. This Yamaha amplifier’s agility is nimble and complements really well with the PMC Twenty5 24.

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The Marantz PM-10 is an ideal amp choice for PMC Twenty5 24 speaker users who prefer to add some warmth to the overall sound reproduction. It will also help to make the midrange sound a bit fuller, adding fullness to the music presentation. Marantz PM-10 has an impressive dynamic scale and it is musically refined. The price tag on this Marantz amp does require much consideration and you should audition it first before making a decision.

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The Parasound Hint 6 is another integrated amplifier to go for if you want a bit of warmth when listening to your favorite music. This amp has absolutely no problem in driving the PMC Twenty5 24, thanks to its 180W per channel into 8 Ohms amplifier power. It is agile and graceful when it comes to music delivery. The price point of the Parasound Hint 6 is really reasonable especially if you include the plethora of features that comes with it.

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Yamaha Audio A-S2200 is the smaller sibling of the A-S3200, this is an ideal amp choice for PMC Twenty5 24 speaker owners who want a cheaper alternative. It is also a good match with the Twenty5 24 floor-standing speakers because of the neutral and realistic sound qualities. The bass performance of this Yamaha amp has authority and the PMC floor-standers help to show it. A massive amount of music details can be heard with this combination and is well worth your time to audition them together.

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To Sum It Up

When selecting an amp to match your PMC Twenty5 24 floor-standing speakers, you will still need to audition and hear it with your own ears. Through the auditions, you will be able to find out which amp really suits your sound preferences. It would be great if you could audition the amp in your own listening room together with your own PMC Twenty5 24 speakers.

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