Best Amp for PMC Twenty5 23

Best Amp for PMC Twenty5 23

The PMC Twenty5 23 is another multi-award-winning compact floor-standing speaker which has won many accolades ever since its debut. It is definitely a loudspeaker that should be on everyone’s list, especially if you have a high enough budget.

Like all extraordinary speakers, you will need a matching amp to go along with the PMC Twenty5 23. To find the right amplifier partner, we need to learn more about these exceptional floor-standing speakers.

Strengths and Sound Characteristics of PMC Twenty5 23

The PMC Twenty5 23 has that iconic cabinet design where one glance will immediately tell you which company made it. Another design characteristic you will immediately notice would be how slim the Twenty5 23 floor standers are. Not only this will make it easier to find a spot within your listening room but also they wouldn’t overwhelm the interior decor. They are using front-firing bass ports and unlike the traditional ported or sealed design, PMC says their ATL is more efficient in generating the low-ends.

One of the reasons why the PMC Twenty5 23 is so compact is due to how small the low-frequency driver is. It is only 5.5″ (140mm) and above the LF driver will be a 27mm high-frequency driver. Surprisingly, the Twenty5 23 can still reproduce deep bass frequencies of down to 28Hz even though they are really compact for a floor-standing speaker. They can hit as high as 25kHz if you are wondering. The speaker sensitivity however is low, 86.5db to be exact. The nominal impedance is 8 Ohms and the recommended amplifier power is between 30W to 150W. It would be wise to go for high-powered amps though.

The first thing you will notice is how much bass weight the PMC Twenty5 23 can muster which simply belies its size. There is authority in its low-end delivery but doesn’t overwhelm the upper registers. More importantly, the bass delivery is tight and taut. This is probably due to the efficiency of the ATL bass-loading technology as well as its driver size. The bass frequencies blend in seamlessly with the high frequencies, providing us with an articulate music presentation with plenty of music details to boot.

The PMC Twenty5 23 not only has nimble footing, but it is also able to control the music with expert handling. Giving us an incredible dynamic range, making the music sound energetic. Their enthusiastic approach doesn’t make the music presentation sound unnatural though. The stereo imaging and separation are amazing, simply top-notch. If you like punchy high-resolution presentations then the PMC Twenty5 23 should certainly be on your radar. We have prepared a list of the best amps to get your hands on and are worthy matches to your PMC Twenty5 23 floor-standing speakers. Do check them out below.

The Best Amplifiers for PMC Twenty5 23

The Yamaha A-S3200 is one of the best amps to go with your PMC Twenty5 23 loudspeakers. It is an integrated amplifier with no problem in driving the Twenty5 23. More importantly, the Yamaha A-S3200 is also an articulate performer just like these PMC floor-standers. With its neutral sonic characteristic and clean music delivery, you will be able to hear the subtle details and nuances without the need to strain your ears. The energetic PMC Twenty5 23 will help overcome some of the Yamaha A-S3200 amp’s flaws.

Take a look at Yamaha A-S3200 on Amazon

The Marantz PM10S1 is one of the best amplifiers to match the PMC Twenty5 23. This is an excellent amp choice for listeners who want a bit more warmth in its music presentation. Making the midrange sound a little fuller and rounded. The Marantz PM10S1 also helps to improve the refinement of the overall music delivery. This Marantz is more than powerful enough to drive the PMC Twenty5 23, allowing the speakers to perform without losing their enthusiasm. It helps to ensure no overly dull moments when listening to your favorite music.

Take a look at Marantz PM10S1 on Amazon

The Parasound Hint 6 is another amp that will have no issue in driving the PMC Twenty5 23 floor-standing speakers to their fullest. Like the compact PMC floor-standers, the Hint 6 integrated amplifier has won multiple accolades over the years. It adds a touch of warmth to the overall sound reproduction without compromising the music’s energy. With the help of the PMC Twenty5 23, the overall performance is punchy and energetic. Parasound Hint 6 is worth your consideration as it gives its users tons of value.

Take a look at Parasound Hint 6 on Amazon

For PMC Twenty5 23 speaker owners who don’t wish to spend too much on an amp and also don’t want to compromise the sound quality by much. You might want to take a look at the Cambridge Audio CXA81. This is an award-winning integrated amplifier with a modest price point that is not difficult to reach. It is an ideal choice for PMC Twenty5 23 users who really like bold music presentations with plenty of energy. The Cambridge Audio CXA81 can muster a high amount of music details too.

Take a look at Cambridge Audio CXA81 on Amazon

If part of the reason for getting PMC Twenty5 23 speakers is due to how small and limited in space your listening room is then you should check out the NAD D 3045. This is an extremely compact integrated amplifier packed with loads of features. You can place the NAD D 3045 standing upright which helps you to save a lot of surface area. The power of this NAD amp is enough to drive the PMC Twenty5 23 but we wouldn’t recommend driving it too hard. The agility and articulation of the Twenty5 23 will help compensate for some of the D 3045 flaws.

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The Emotiva Audio XPA-200 is one of the best power amps to go with the PMC Twenty5 23. It is a powerful stereo amplifier with a modest price point and can easily drive your PMC Twenty5 23 floor-standing speakers without breaking a sweat. Emotiva Audio is a brand that Hifi enthusiasts will go for when they have a tight budget and don’t want to compromise the sound quality. It may not be for everyone, especially for discerning audiophiles but if your budget is low then there’s no harm in auditioning the Emotiva Audio XPA-200 power amp first.

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In Conclusion

These are some of the best amps on the market, they are certainly worthy of your time and consideration. Before you start deciding which amp to go with your PMC Twenty5 23 floor-standing speakers, it is wise to audition them together first. You can start by picking the amps that you find are the best and arrange an audition to listen with your own ears. Once you have heard how they sound, it will be easier for you to choose the amp for your PMC Twenty5 23.

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