Best Subwoofer for Quad ESL 63

Best Subwoofer for Quad ESL 63

The Quad ESL 63 are classic loudspeakers that have been around for decades. Even now, there are HiFi enthusiasts who are still using them to listen to their favorite music. One of the main reasons is that it is really enjoyable how the Quad ESL 63 speakers sing. When it comes to accuracy though, the ESL 63 does have its flaws.

This is mainly due to the fact that Quad ESL 63 is lacking in the deep bass department. If you listen to a lot of bass-heavy soundtracks, you are probably missing out on the low-end frequencies. Even for classical music, there are a few instruments capable of reaching deep into the bass extension. For instance, the church organ can actually go below 20Hz and there’s no way the Quad ESL 63 loudspeakers can deliver such subterranean bass.

To resolve this issue, you can think of adding an active subwoofer to help supplement the bass performance. Depending on how good the subwoofer is, it can help deliver bass frequencies of down to 20Hz and below. If you are worried that the subwoofer might produce overly pronounced sub-bass which will overwhelm your Quad ESL 63 loudspeakers. You can choose to get a sealed subwoofer. The sealed subwoofer has a tighter bass performance and typically is agile enough to keep up with the music.

If is purely on bass output, then you should go for a ported subwoofer instead. This type of subwoofer is more efficient when it comes to reproducing low frequencies but the bass delivery is not as tight as a sealed sub of the same caliber. So, you need to weigh the pros and cons or set some requirements before choosing which type of subwoofer to go for. Usually for music listeners, you might want to just stick with a sealed subwoofer.

Having a subwoofer can also help you with your Quad ESL 63 speaker positioning. To get the best bass performance out of the Quad ESL 63, you will need a specific speaker angling and position but with a subwoofer, you can kind of focus on the higher registers. We have listed some of the best subwoofers below that you can consider getting, please take a look.

The Best Subwoofers to go with Quad ESL 63

The Rythmik Audio L12 is one of the best subwoofers to match your Quad ESL 63. Firstly, this is the company’s entry-level sealed subwoofer and so it has a modest price point. Secondly, the bass performance you are getting is value for money. This may be an entry-level sealed subwoofer but the Rythmik Audio L12 can still reach down to 18Hz bass extension. Furthermore, L12 is agile and fast enough to keep up with the Quad ESL 63 loudspeakers.

The SVS SB-1000 Pro is another entry-level sealed subwoofer with extreme value-for-money bass performance. It will certainly be a worthy match for your Quad ESL 63 speakers. SVS SB-1000 Pro has a tight bass delivery which goes all the way down to 20Hz. The level of sub-bass frequencies would be sufficient for most music genres. The SB-1000 Pro has a 12″ driver and it is still quite compact in size. This allows you to find a subwoofer position in your listening room with ease.

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The Kanto SUB8 is a fantastic sealed subwoofer choice for Quad ESL 63 speaker users who have limited room space. It is a sealed sub with an 8″ paper cone woofer inside a compact cabinet. The small Kanto SUB8 does make it easier to find a spot inside the room. When it comes to bass performance, the SUB8 is not as powerful as the above-mentioned sealed subwoofers. It has only 150 Watts (RMS) power and can reach down to 35Hz. Still, at this price point, it is difficult to nitpick the Kanto SUB8.

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SVS SB-2000 Pro is one of the best subwoofers to go with your Quad ESL 63 speakers. It is an ideal sealed subwoofer for music listeners who have a mid-size listening room. The SVS SB-2000 Pro has plenty of power, able to reach a peak of 1500+ Watts. It has an impressive frequency response for a 12″ sealed subwoofer which is between 19Hz to 240Hz (+/-3dB). The bass delivery is tight and has enough authority for most music genres. SB-2000 Pro is also nimble enough to keep pace with the music and Quad ESL 63 speakers.

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The Rythmik Audio F12SE is a sealed subwoofer made for audiophiles and doesn’t break the bank to own one. It has been awarded multiple accolades over the years due to its amazing bass performance. Not only it is agile and fast, but the low-ends are rich in detail too. The accuracy of the Rythmik Audio F12SE is really good and has strong bass impacts. This makes it ideal for home theater performances. Matching this award-winning sealed sub to the Quad ESL 63 speakers is certainly worth your consideration.

If you are in search of a ported subwoofer or simply not sure which type to get. The SVS PB-1000 Pro should be on your radar. It is a powerful entry-level subwoofer with variable port tuning modes. This means you can switch between “Standard (Ported)” or “Sealed” modes. With this feature, you can choose which mode to use depending on the content you are listening to. This SVS PB-1000 Pro subwoofer is capable of reaching down to 17Hz and has a peak power of 820+ Watts. It is definitely one of the best ported subwoofers to go with your Quad ESL 63 loudspeakers.

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To Conclude

Integrating a powered subwoofer with good sonic performance can breathe new life into your music system. You should first audition the potential subwoofer together with your Quad ESL 63 speakers. From there, you will be able to hear the difference and see if it is worth getting a new subwoofer. The quality of the subwoofer does play a part though so don’t just go for the most affordable subwoofer you can find.

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