Best Speakers for Pioneer DDJ 400

Best Speakers for Pioneer DDJ 400

When we look at entry-level DJ controllers, the Pioneer DDJ 400 will definitely be one of the top choices and probably the very best based on the number of positive ratings it has garnered over the years. This highly-rated 2 channel DJ controller is suitable for both beginners and seasoned DJs. It has all the tools for learning and the Pioneer DDJ 400 layout mirrors that of the Pioneer flagship NXS2 setup which in a way helps beginners to progress naturally to higher-end DJ gears.

Whether you are learning how to DJ or already a professional one, you will still need high-quality speakers to partner with your Pioneer DDJ 400. These speakers will be tasked to bring your music to life and allow you to entertain your audiences using the Pioneer DJ controller. To find the right pair of speakers for your DDJ 400, you will need to know what are your main requirements and usage. By doing this checklist, it will significantly help you to determine which are the best speakers to go for.

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What Are Your Main Requirements

It goes without saying your budget will always be one of the main criteria that will determine how many potential speakers you can go for. Work out a budget that you are comfortable with and also this does not mean you need to spend all of it. Will you be using the Pioneer DDJ 400 for mixing in a small environment or playing to an audience within an enclosed/outdoor venue. If you are mixing songs/tracks, you might just need studio monitors for nearfield listening. If you are planning to play for a crowd then you might need professional speakers which can also be used for an outdoor venue.

Do you prefer using active speakers that have built-in amplifiers or passive speakers which require external power amplifiers? There are pros and cons when choosing either speaker type, for instance, sound engineers have already tuned the amps to match really well with the active speaker drivers so to get the best sound quality out of it, but you will need a power source for the active speaker. For passive speakers, you can choose your own power amplifiers but it might be difficult to find matching amps to achieve optimal sonic performance. This ideology also applies to subwoofers which is why we usually suggest going for active subs.

If you are already using a specific speaker brand, you should just stick to the same brand as you are probably used to the sound signatures especially when you have been using them for years. Changing the speaker brand may be a good or bad thing. If possible, you should audition the speakers which have already been break-in and see if you like the new sonic characteristics. Power amplifiers also affect the sound quality by a little especially if you go from Class D to Class A amps. Underpowered amplifiers may even cause clipping so it is best to avoid this as it might seriously damage your speakers.

The type of music you are mixing and playing will also determine the speakers you should go for. For example, your soundtracks are bass-heavy and you will need speakers that have strong bass output, capable of reproducing deep bass frequencies. Usually, speakers with larger woofer sizes will be able to deliver more bass when compared to a smaller-sized speaker. The size of the venue at which you are playing will also influence the size and quality of the speakers you should go for. These are some of the main criteria you will need to check with yourself, once you have done that, you can now take a look at the list of the best speakers which you can go for and pair with your Pioneer DDJ 400.

Best Speakers to pair with Pioneer DDJ 400

The PreSonus Eris E4.5 will be an excellent pair of entry-level studio monitors to match your entry-level Pioneer DDJ400. This pair of studio monitors are affordably priced and have garnered plenty of praise from its owners. For nearfield listening, the Eris E4.5 can be quite loud and stays composed even at high volumes. There are plenty of details been produced allowing you to accurately listen and mix your tracks with precision. The only qualms we have will be the bass performance as due to its size, the PreSonus Eris E4.5 does lack a little in the bass department.

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If you need more bass output for nearfield listening then the Yamaha HS8 studio monitor will be an ideal choice for you. It has an 8″ cone woofer driven by 75 Watts of amplifier power, you will be sure it could shake the floor and vibrate your furniture. The low ends are detailed and rich as well. The transparency of the overall sound quality of the Yamaha HS8 studio monitor is impeccable, providing you with a faithful music presentation that is accurate and clean. These large studio monitors will be an amazing match to your Pioneer DDJ400 and enable you to mix your music with precision.

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When playing for a large audience, you would want a durable pair of high-performance active loudspeakers and that will be the Alto Professional TS310, a powerful 2000 Watt 10″ PA speaker. The TS310 uses high-efficiency class D amplifiers to power its drivers, providing you with a high level of clarity and incredible SPL, a worthy match for your Pioneer DDJ 400 controller. The modest price point of the Alto Professional TS310 makes them even more bang for your buck. The bass performance of these active PA speakers is respectable as well and able to go quite deep into the bass extension too.

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The QSC K12.2 is probably one of the very top active professional loudspeakers. If budget is not an issue and you only want the best sound quality for your audiences then the QSC K12.2 is no doubt the one for you and to match with the Pioneer DDJ 400. It has a whopping 2,000 Watts of Class D amplifier power, able to deliver crystal clear sound reproduction throughout the venue and deliver cohesive sound quality for everyone. These are pricey active speakers and the incredible positive ratings of QSC K12.2 show that they are worth it. We would suggest having an audition with them first before making the final decision.

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When it comes to studio monitors, one of the very best will definitely be JBL Professional Studio Monitor 305PMKII and their modest price makes it a suitable match for your Pioneer DDJ 400. The JBL Professional Studio Monitor series is incredibly well-received, thanks to their amazing sonic performance and sound quality. The clarity of the 5″ 305PMKII is phenomenal for the price and the overall sound quality is very balanced, not to mention, it is very accurate as well. If you need more bass output, you should go for the 8″ version 308PMKII. It is really impressive that you can get such a crisp and clean sound quality at such an affordable price.

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If you require a pair of compact-size studio monitors to pair with your Pioneer DDJ 400 but without compromising the sound quality, perhaps you might want to take a look at the Genelec 8010. The tweeter is only 0.75″ and the woofer size is just 3″ but the 8010 studio monitor still has a frequency response of 67Hz to 25kHz which is pretty impressive for a small speaker. The Genelec 8010 can be quite pricey and a cheaper alternative will be the PreSonus Eris E3.5, it has just a slightly larger drivers’ size than the 8010. The price point of the Eris E3.5 is much lower and the frequency response is only 80Hz to 20kHz which is quite a difference when compared to the more premium Genelec 8010 studio monitor.

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The Behringer Eurolive B210D will be great for DJs who have a tight budget and just need a pair of active speakers to play at a small venue. One of the most affordable PA speakers out on the market, it has only 200 Watts of amplifier power which is pretty low when compared to other PA speakers mentioned earlier. Still, the Behringer Eurolive B210D can play quite loud and will be an ideal budget speaker match with your Pioneer DDJ 400. Usually, you will need just one B210D PA speaker in a small venue but for a medium-size venue, we will recommend going for 2 of these active speakers.

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To Sum It Up

You should go through the list of speakers first and see which one best suits your needs. Shortlist the speakers and arrange an audition to see if you like what you hear. We did not include passive speakers as most high-quality professional speakers have their own built-in amplifiers and passive speakers that are of good quality can get really expensive since you also need to buy external power amplifiers. You can use this list as a comparison and reference when hunting for speakers that are not listed here.

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