Best Speakers for Quad ii

The Quad ii is a legendary classic made more than half a century ago and even after so many decades have gone, the legacy did not end. The new QII series has taken over the mantle to provide excellent sonic performance for its users. To this date, there are audiophiles who are still in love with the Quad ii mono-block amplifiers and are looking for a matching pair of speakers to go with them.

Are you one of them who are in search of matching speakers to pair with your beloved Quad ii amplifier? If you say yes then please continue to read on as we will be preparing a list of the best speakers which you can pick and choose to partner up with the Quad ii. It is important to learn more about what makes this mono-block amplifier so great as this will help us with our endeavor.

Sonic Characteristics and Important Specifications of Quad ii

Quad ii still looks fine and with its rich history, you will definitely want it to be around inside your listening room. It might not aesthetically match well with most modern speakers but the prestige the amplifier has is more than enough to sit beside any loudspeakers. The question that remains is which speakers should the Quad ii amp match with. With only 15 Watts of power output into 8 Ohms and meant for speakers with impedance load from 7 Ohms to 15 Ohms, this does hinder our potential speaker choices and shrinks the list down. Demanding and hard-to-drive loudspeakers will be out of the question.

It will probably be fine with bookshelf speakers which have high speaker sensitivity and efficiency. If your preamplifier has a subwoofer output then going with stand-mounters would be ideal since the connected active sub could supplement the overall bass performance. Not to mention, the subwoofer would be able to deliver the missing low frequencies which the bookshelf speakers are unable to produce on their own thus giving us a prominent subsonic bass performance. If you prefer to go for floor-standing speakers, there are plenty of modern choices to go for but they will not be affordable.

The Quad ii sound quality is not as warm and silky as expected which still sounds really good though. It is well-balanced and the midrange reproduction seems to be its greatest strength. Vocal reproductions sounded natural and vivid where subtle nuances can be heard clearly. Male and female vocalists are clearly distinct as well. Musical instruments are realistically reproduced and the amazing stereo imaging of the Quad ii amplifier makes it even more appealing. The stereo separation and spacing are good and considered impressive for a mono-block amplifier made so long ago.

The overall sound reproduction is pleasing to the ears and you can keep playing them for hours without worrying about listeners’ fatigue. What you need to worry about will be the heat and we suggest using the Quad ii mono-block amp in a cooling environment. It is also wise to give it a break when you find it becoming too hot. The bass delivery is tight and solid. It can be a bit polite at times but the overall bass performance is good and goes deep into the low-end extension. The treble is smooth and doesn’t sound harsh when pushed, another plus point to allow us to listen to the Quad ii for hours without fatigue.

All in all, the Quad ii mono-block power amplifiers sound more neutral and clearer than expected which provides plenty of music details. It’s easy on the ears sound quality will be ideal for casual music listeners. Analytical audio enthusiasts and listeners who like to turn up the volume might need to look elsewhere. It is easy to enjoy your music with the Quad ii power amplifier and its accuracy remains competitive. We will be listing out the best speakers to match with the Quad ii now and you can check them out below.

Quad ii Specifications

  • Power Output: 15 Watts into 8 Ohms (Mono)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.25%
  • Dimensions: 330mm x 122mm x 165mm | 13″ x 4.8″ x 6.5″
  • Weight: 8.3kg (18.3lbs)

Best Speakers to match with Quad ii

Omega Compact Alnico Monitor will be an ideal bookshelf speaker choice to match with the Quad ii power amplifier. This is a very efficient loudspeaker with a high speaker sensitivity of 94dB and has an impedance of 8 Ohms. The Omega Compact Alnico Monitors are very easy to drive as you will need as little as 2 Watts to start making them sing. They have a frequency response which belies their size and it is from 42Hz to 20kHz. Furthermore, the Compact Alnico Monitor stand-mounters are sanely priced and have plenty of finishes to choose from so as to aesthetically match with the Quad ii amp.

The Klipsch Heresy IV also has its own history of success and this latest iteration will be an amazing match with the legendary Quad ii mono-block amplifier. These are highly efficient floor-standing speakers and this enables the Quad ii power amps to drive them effectively. The midrange prowess of the Klipsch Heresy IV will complement the Quad ii really well. Providing us with an even more detailed and vivid midrange reproduction. The Heresy IV level of clarity is astounding too and it gives us a clearer sound reproduction. The overall bass performance of the Klipsch loudspeakers is really tight and controlled.

More Details at Amazon – Klipsch Heresy IV Horn-Loaded Speaker

The Quad ESL 57 is another legendary HiFi speaker, an electrostatic loudspeaker to be exact and it will pair really well with the Quad ii. They both have similar sound characteristics which enable them to complement each other. The integration will be seamless too since the Quad ii were designed to drive the ESL 57 electrostatic speakers. Quad ESL 57 are also full-range loudspeakers but the overall bass performance will be too polite for bass fanatics. The sound quality is charming and open, even so, they are not really efficient loudspeakers and it will be fine if you are playing them at moderate volume levels.

ProAc Tablette 10 Signature is another exceptional pair of bookshelf speakers to go for and its recommended amplifier power is between 5 to 50 Watts which fits well with the Quad ii mono-block amplifier, not to mention, the nominal impedance is 10 Ohms. The ProAc Tablette 10 Signature are mini-monitors with a well-balanced tonality and a hint of warmth that matches with the Quad ii sonic performance. The superb imaging of these monitors will complement the Quad ii amplifier and its revealing nature helps to add more clarity to the overall sound reproduction.

If you prefer a pair of floor-standing speakers instead then please take a look at the Klipsch Forte IV. It has very high speaker sensitivity and this allows the Quad ii amplifiers to drive them efficiently. The Klipsch Forte IV is capable of projecting a spacious soundstage and has exceptional stereo separation. These speakers have astonishing clarity levels and have a wide dynamic range. The Klipsch Forte IV are lively floor-standers and their treble may get overly excited, fortunately, the Quad ii is able to slightly ease the harshness and adds a bit of warmth to make the music delivery smoother.

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For listeners who are planning to integrate an active subwoofer into their sound system, we will suggest going with sealed cabinet subs as they are made for music playbacks due to their higher bass quality when compared to ported subs. You might want to take a look at SVS SB-2000 Pro which is a very powerful sealed subwoofer for the price it is asking. SB-2000 Pro can dig down to 19Hz bass extension which is more than enough for most music genres. If you prefer going with Quad subwoofers then the Quad L-ite Sub will be an exemplary choice to go with as it has articulate bass performance which is fantastic for music playbacks.

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To Sum It Up

We highly suggest auditioning these listed speakers first before seriously considering getting them. For listeners who are planning to get an active subwoofer at the same time might want to audition them together with the loudspeakers you have chosen. This will provide a more accurate result and allow you to make a more informed decision. There are other highly efficient loudspeakers out on the market and if you are interested to find out more, you might want to look into the Klipsch brand, especially their heritage series.

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