Sony STR DH520

Today we will be looking at a classic budget AV receiver which has a decent amount of positive user reviews but when it comes to the experts, not so much. Compared to modern AV receivers, the Sony STR DH520 does lack a lot of features. If you are aiming for the latest 3D audio formats, we suggest you look elsewhere.

It is no surprise the sound quality of the Sony STR DH520 is not comparable to the current AV receiver models. The missing Dolby Atmos probably will turn some people away. Still, we can’t ignore the fact of how affordable this Sony AVR is and it has quite a lot of power for the price. You might want to get good speakers to match this Sony STR DH520 as the AVR’s high registers can be unclear at times. For casual listeners, the audio delivery for both music and movie should not be an issue.

The bass performance of the Sony STR DH520 is considered subpar for today’s standard and lacks control. It is not agile enough to keep pace with busy passages and might muddle the higher frequencies. The low frequencies lack details but it has no problem giving a punch. To improve the situation, you can try going for a sealed cabinet subwoofer instead of a ported model. A ported subwoofer has high bass outputs and might deliver overly exaggerated low-end performance due to this Sony AVR sonic characteristics.

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Whereas a sealed cabinet subwoofer has better control over its bass delivery, able to keep pace with the speakers and content. The accuracy of its bass reproduction is usually better than a ported subwoofer of the same price range. This also means the low frequencies have details but it is only clearer in higher-end sealed subwoofer models. It does however lack the kind of excitement which a ported subwoofer can provide for its users due to the lower bass output.

Are you still interested in getting a sealed cabinet subwoofer? If you are, please check out the list of the best subwoofers you can go for and integrate with your Sony STR DH520 AV receiver. Since the STR DH520 is a budget AVR, we have taken the price point of these subwoofers into consideration.

Best Subwoofers for Sony STR DH520

The SVS SB-1000 is one of the best sealed subwoofers for your Sony STR DH520. This is an entry-level sealed cabinet sub made by the famous subwoofer maker, SVS Sound. It is powerful for a sealed subwoofer of this range, capable of reaching down to 24Hz bass extension, and has a peak power of 720W. This 12″ SB-1000 subwoofer is ideal for small to medium-sized listening rooms. It can deliver tight and deep low frequencies, a suitable subwoofer partner for the Sony STR DH520.

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Rythmik Audio L12 is another entry-level sealed subwoofer made by a company that specializes in making active subs. This 12″ sealed cabinet subwoofer uses Direct Servo Technology which helps the L12 to produce tuneful bass frequencies. The articulate low-end delivery of this subwoofer will go well together with your Sony STR DH520 AV receiver. It can hit below 20Hz bass extension as well, really amazing for an entry-level sealed subwoofer model. It would be even better if the price tag is slightly lower.

The SVS SB-1000 Pro is the newer version of the company’s SB-1000 series. It can reach slightly deeper into the bass extension than its predecessor, down to 20Hz to be exact. The SB-1000 Pro model has higher amplifier power which goes up to 820+ Watts at peak. It does cost more than the older version but if budget is not an issue, you should always choose the SVS SB-1000 Pro model. The powerful and articulate low-end performance will help give you more control over the bass characteristic of the Sony STR DH520 AV receiver.

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If 12″ sealed subwoofers are too large for your room and you want a smaller model. You might want to take a look at the Kanto Sub8. This is a front-firing 8″ sealed subwoofer with a sleek design and will fit nicely into most modern listening rooms. You can choose Matt Black or Grey as well. The frequency response is between 35Hz to 175Hz and it has a peak power of 250W. Not as powerful as the ones mentioned earlier but due to its size, the bass delivery is agile and articulate, a good match with your Sony STR DH520.

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For an even smaller sealed cabinet subwoofer, you can check out the Kanto Sub6. This is a very compact subwoofer with a 6″ bass driver and packs a Class D amplifier which has a peak power of 200 Watts. The price point of the Kanto Sub6 is affordable and it is fast enough to add a bit more control over the bass delivery. Giving you a tighter bass performance when matched with your Sony STR DH520 AV receiver. This sealed subwoofer is suitable for small listening rooms.

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For Sony STR DH520 AV receiver users who might prefer ported subwoofer but are unsure to really go for one. The SVS PB-1000 Pro might be an answer for you. It is a ported subwoofer that gives you the option to switch to “Sealed” mode. This feature makes the SVS PB-1000 Pro a versatile subwoofer. It is also powerful, able to reach below 20Hz, and has a peak power of 820+ Watts. The PB-1000 Pro cost more than the STR DH520 and is one of the most expensive subwoofers listed here, so you might want to take this into consideration.

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In Conclusion

To improve the bass performance of your current Sony AVR system, you should definitely consider getting a sealed subwoofer. The listed subwoofers will be a good choice for your Sony STR DH520 and you might consider picking a few for an audition. It would be a good idea to audition the chosen subwoofers together with your own STR DH520 AVR and speaker system, this will give you a more accurate result.

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