Cheap Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

How To Choose A Cheap Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen – Everything You Need To Know Upfront

You want to start vlogging, whether you have some cool topics to approach or you simply want to become an Internet sensation. You might end up reviewing products or perhaps travel around and discover beautiful places. No matter what the goal of your vlogging adventure is, you will inevitably need a good camera as well. Your options are countless, but some of them stand out in the crowd.

You do not necessarily want to spend a fortune. Sure, you could upgrade later, but whether you want a quick replacement for your camera or you are just starting up, a cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen will get the job done. Now, what should you know before making this investment and what are the top-rated cameras on the market?

Why Get A Cheap Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

You might ask yourself – do you really need a flip screen to join the vlogging industry? You want to become popular, gain some freedom, and make some money out of it. Most vloggers rely on flip or tilting screens, so there must be something about these gadgets.

A camera with a flip screen features an LCD screen, so you can always see your videos and photos. Whether or not it is a touchscreen, this aspect is irrelevant. The good news is you have plenty of settings to ensure beautiful pictures and videos.

Professional vloggers rely on more types of cameras, depending on what they vlog about. If their videos are all about talking and sitting or standing in front of the camera a fixed screen DSLR will get the job done – a tripod might help as well.

A cheap vlogging camera with flip screen becomes a necessity when you want to capture active scenes. Whether your vlog is about action or you take videos of moving stuff, the flip screen is versatile enough to let you do it yourself, with no other accessories.

Is it really worth it?

Getting the perfect shot

There will be situations that feel perfect for a picture. You find a good topic or perhaps an interesting subject. You just do not want to miss it. But then, there are times when you cannot see what happens on the screen because the place is too tight and you cannot fully use the camera.

This is when you need a flip screen. In other words, you want to see what your camera records. You want to see the focus, the framing or the light. You want to ensure everything is perfect – there is no better way to do it.

Getting a professional selfie

Front smartphone cameras have been designed to take selfies. Actual cameras do not have such an extra, but some of them come with flipping screens. It sounds a bit unusual to buy a brand new camera for selfies only, but there will be situations when you will require a professional one.

When vlogging, you might want to record yourself in action, while you walk or while you say something important. A digital camera with a permanent screen cannot necessarily do it, especially as you cannot see what the camera records.

Tweaking out the settings

You can take a few different videos with different settings, then put them together and come up with a longer video. It sounds daunting, but it can be done. A cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen will do a better job though, as you can change settings in real-time.

Many cameras allow adjusting the settings while actually recording. You can adjust the mode, lighting, brightness, contrast and so on. You simply get more convenience and flexibility, but you also save lots of time editing your work.

Gaining some freedom

Unless your vlog is all about your face and random comments, you will realize that vlogging involves shooting from all kinds of angles. A permanent screen is quite limited because you cannot always get behind the camera.

A flip screen allows shooting from the perfect angle. You can record videos without having to move the camera, but you can also slightly move the screen towards your face in order to ensure the perfect final result.

Shooting in various angles

You do not have to be an expert to know that the angle can make the difference between a classic tourist photo and a professional one. It is all about the angle. But getting the right photo in a crowded place, for example, can be challenging. You have to find that special angle and focus on the actual object, rather than the public.

A flip screen allows you to take the camera everywhere. You can get the right shots from any angle – even at a low level. You can even get ground level shots without stretching or laying down.

Investing in durability

A digital camera has a permanent screen. There is not too much cover for it unless you always keep it in a case. But then, protecting the screen against scratches will always be a challenge. A flip screen is different – you can just close it down.

The flip screen is handy even if you use a carry bag – a bit of extra protection has never hurt anyone.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of buying a cheap vlogging camera with flip screen, what kind of products bring in the best value for money?

Top 5 Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen

Cedita Vlogging Camera

Cedita brings in excellent value for money. This digital camera is super crisp and clear – you can record videos up to 2.7K – 2688×1520. When it comes to pictures, you can get an exquisite quality at 30 megapixels.

The camera has a good reputation for shooting in low lights – you can also slide a button and activate the flash. The lens is fixed and there is no need to autofocus – the focus range goes from just over 1.6 feet to infinity.

You can pause and restart the same recording without having to start a new file. You also have rechargeable batteries and can record while you charge. Furthermore, the package features a 32GB card too.

The camera is compact and convenient. It features a three inch screen that rotates to 180 degrees. You have face recognition, delayed shooting, three continuous functions and the possibility to upgrade external lenses.


·         Good value for money

·         Batteries and 32GB card included in the package

·         Compact and lightweight design

·         Can be used while getting charged

·         Possibility to upgrade


·         No wireless connectivity to transfer files

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Rosdeca Vlogging Camera

Rosdeca’s cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen will not let you down. You can take beautiful pictures at 24 megapixels, but also record videos at an impressive resolution – 1920×1080 pixels at 30FPS. You have a wide-angle lens as well, not to mention the macro lens – each of them suitable for specific shots.

The digital camera can be used in more ways. You can use it to record yourself at home – great as a webcam. You can use it outdoors while shooting some action as well. When used for computer or TV sets, it works as a plug and play device. You can connect it to your TV through HDMI to see pictures and videos.

The wireless connectivity is one of the best parts of this vlogging camera. You can control the camera over your phone, transfer files in a wireless way and forget about cables. You can upload stuff straight to your social media profiles – you will need to download the proprietary application in the app store though.

Finally, the camera features face recognition, self-timers, motion detection, anti-shake functions and many more. You have a three-inch screen that flips too, so you can see what the camera actually records when taking selfies or shooting yourself.


·         Wireless connectivity

·         Versatile flipping screen

·         Good shooting resolution

·         Comes with a 32GB memory card

·         Proprietary app for more functions


·         Manual of instructions could be a bit confusing

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Haohunt Vlogging Camera

This cheap vlogging camera with a flip screen from Haohunt could be just what you are looking for if you are after functions and features. You can take 1080P videos and 36M – 7936×4480 pixels – pictures. You also have a solid 16X digital zoom, time lapse videos and photos, motion detection, HDMI output capabilities, slow motion, night vision and so on.

The flip screen measures three inches. It is a classic LCD screen that allows you to see what you are recording – whether it is a bad angle or you take a selfie. Other than that, you have an external microphone – super clear – and built-in rechargeable batteries. There is a lens hood to clear out excessive ambient light too.

The camera features a stabilizer for an even better performance. The handheld holder is foldable and allows great versatility. When it comes to taking selfies, you no longer need to hold the camera, as it has remote controls too.

You can use the camera as a webcam, pause and restart on the same video – no need to start a new file, use the camera while you charge it and even fit it to a standard tripod. You can extend the memory with a card if you need more space.


·         Packed with loads of features

·         Good value for money

·         Features a hand held foldable holder

·         Good battery life

·         Can be used while charging it


·         No memory card included in the package

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Cedita Digital Camera

Featuring 4K/30FPS smooth videos and picture resolutions up to 48MP, this digital camera will provide excellent quality and clarity. It comes with a solid 16X digital zoom, video pausing, motion detection and silent recording. You also have a timer and the possibility to use the camera while charging it.

The camera has a 52mm wide-angle lens, as well as a macro lens. It is ideal for close pictures of small things, but also for impressive scenery shots. Switching between modes is fairly simple – simply use the knob on top of the camera.

The vlogging camera can also work on your PC – you can use it as a webcam. You can also hook it up to your television set. Simply get a classic HDMI cable and hook it up to stream your photos and videos on a large screen.

When it comes to extras, there is a five continuous shooting function that allows you to take five quick shots and choose the best one. You also have a standard three inch screen and a flash. Feel free to get a memory card up to 128GB if you want more memory.


·         Can hook up to computers and TV sets

·         Can be used while getting charged

·         Good clarity and resolution standards

·         Wide angle lens and macro lens

·         Five continuous shooting function


·         HDMI cable or memory card not included in the package

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Sony DSCHX80/B

You cannot really go wrong with Sony. Its cheap vlogging camera with flip screen comes with the right features, as well as a basic package to allow shooting out of the box – you get the battery pack, an adapter, a wrist strap, a micro USB cable and a manual of instructions.

The camera features an impressive zoom – 30X optical, 60X clear image. It has a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens and an impressive sensor – 18.2MP Exmor R CMOS. You can shoot videos and take pictures in more formats and benefit from image stabilization.

The camera features wireless connectivity for easy file transfers. Moreover, it has a standard three inch LCD display that flips. While well featured, you can enhance the settings of this camera with Sony’s proprietary application.

Finally, its shooting capabilities are worth some attention too. The focus range goes as low as under two inches. You also get an adjustable angle up by about 180 degrees. Simply put, shooting the perfect pictures or videos is a deeply customizable option.


·         Incredibly crisp and clear images and videos

·         Can be adjusted with Sony’s application for mobile devices

·         Low distance focus

·         Superior sensor

·         Wireless connectivity


·         Memory card must be purchased separately

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What To Look For While Buying Cheap Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen

The quality of your content is critical. It makes no difference how good your camera is – if the content is bad, you will never go famous. But on a different note, people want to see quality these days. In other words, even if your content is good, the terrible video quality will make the whole experience look poor. Therefore, pay attention to both of these factors if you want to be successful.

Now, what do you need to pay attention to when hunting for an affordable vlogging camera with a flip screen?

Value for money

The cheapest camera is probably the worst out there. The most expensive one will never be the best. You can easily do with a middle option, as long as you get good value for money. Stick to the features you need, rather than a bunch of extras that no one really needs.

Microphone input

The audio quality is as important as video quality. Poor audio quality will draw people away. The best way to ensure good audio quality is by hooking up an external microphone – hence the necessity of a camera with a microphone input.

You can also record the audio on a different source, such as your smartphone. It is a good idea if you are talking in the background while showing various videos or so, but not brilliant if you shoot yourself talking.

Video modes

There are more video modes out there and each of them has its own particularities. The 24FPS mode in 4K is the most common option in budget friendly vlogging cameras. It will provide a lot of flexibility and a super sharp image.

The 60FPS in 4K is only available in a few high-end cameras that will cost a fortune. The 120FPS mode in 1080p is a good combo, but quite expensive. Some cameras can take it even further when it comes to smoothness and may provide up to 960FPS.

Type of flip screen

Choosing the best type of flip screen is challenging. You would have to try out different modes to figure out what works for you. A fully articulating flip screen is probably the best option for everyone because it is extremely flexible and goes in any direction you want. It is not super common because this mechanism costs more and most people could do with less.

A classic flip screen will go to 180 degrees. You can see yourself with no issues at all. You will usually move it up and down only, rather than side to side. While this option is pretty good, it might be a bit unusual if you rely on an external microphone with the hot shoe, as it may go on the screen. On a more positive note, the option is quite popular and provides plenty of flexibility.

Finally, the front-facing screen used to be the hype ages ago, but it is slowly using its popularity due to the lack of flexibility. It is practically a fixed screen, but it goes in front of the camera.

Type of vlogging

This aspect is critical because certain cameras are more suitable for specific types of vlogging.

If you mostly vlog from your office or bedroom and the camera position rarely changes, you do not really need autofocus performance because you can set the focus before the recording begins.

How about some outdoor adventures then? If you plan to travel a lot and show videos of your favorite locations, you might actually benefit from autofocus performance. Some pictures can be taken once – once the moment is gone, the picture is gone. You do not want to miss the focus on such an opportunity, do you?

Sensor size

Generally speaking, a large sensor will perform much better in all kinds of situations – especially in low light situations. You can easily find a cheap vlogging camera with flip screen that provides access to a large sensor – most commonly, the ASP-C size.

One inch or slightly larger sensors may usually come with fixed lens cameras, so changing lenses is not an option. On the other hand, ASP-C size sensors feature a good crop factor. What does it mean? Simply put, a simple 16mm lens will come up with the equivalent focal length of a 24mm lens. Why is this important? Basically, if you need a new lens for the camera, you must ensure it is wide enough.

In body image stabilization

In body image stabilization is also related to the type of vlogging you choose. Again, if you are settled in a simple environment and your camera will rarely move, this feature is not relevant. On the other hand, if you run and show some action or you vlog while you walk, in body image stabilization will add to the smoothness of your videos.

Other considerations

There are a few other considerations to keep in mind and each of them may alter or improve your experience:

·         Charging mode – ideally, USB charging is general and allows multiple possibilities. This is convenient because you can charge your device on the go or by hooking it up to another device. You can use a power outlet, a computer and even a TV set.

·         Battery life – the bigger the battery, the more power you get. You will no longer have to worry about having extra batteries with you all the time.

·         Display – the higher the resolution is, the crispier and clearer your work will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common question marks in this field.

What cameras do most YouTubers use?

You will see more cameras advertised. The point is every vlogger relies on a specific camera for their own needs, based on the type of vlogging they do. If you like a certain vlogger’s style, simply message them and ask about the camera they use.

What is the best resolution for vlogging?

The classic 1280×720 resolution is standard and will provide good quality, whether you do static or action vlogging. Higher resolutions will ensure your work holds up better when posted over the Internet.

Should I choose 4K over 1080p?

It is totally up to you. Shooting in 4K will provide better quality, of course. Getting four times the details you need will not give you an image that is four times better. The end result will be sharper though.


The bottom line, there are loads of options when looking for an affordable vlogging camera with a flip screen. Deciding on the best one is a matter of personal preferences, as well as the type of vlogging you need to do. You do not need a super expensive product to provide quality and a sharp image, but just great content and a bit of attention to small details.

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