Takstar Pro 82

Takstar Pro 82 Review – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide

Takstar is a China-based OEM company for HyperX headphones. The popular HyperX Cloud II headset is based on the Takstar Pro 80 model and is a great combination of build quality, price, and performance. The Takstar Pro 82 is a successor to the Pro 80 and excels in terms of sound quality, design, and features.

Let us take a closer look at the Takstar Pro 82 and try to learn more about its design, specs, sound performance, and comparison with other headphones.

Takstar Pro 82 Review – UPDATED 2021

The Takstar Pro 82 is one of the best budget headphones that compete with major brands in the market. With amazing sound quality, bass level adjustment, and sturdy construction, it is an excellent headset that provides value for money. The headphone features 40mm dynamic drivers, detachable cables, neodymium NdFeB magnets, and a bass level control switch.

Takstar Pro 82 Review


  • Driver size – 40mm
  • Frequency response – 10Hz to 20kHz
  • Sensitivity – 96 dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance – 32 ohm
  • Cable length – 2.2m
  • Max power – 20mW
  • Rated power – 10mW
  • Weight – 235g


The Takstar Pro 82 has a good build quality for the price and much of the unit is made up of plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap. It comes in silver and black color options and the design is much similar to the Sony MDR 10R. The earcups, hinges, and headband resemble greatly though there are some differences like the bass switch between the yoke and the earcups.

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The headphone is built to be solid and you hear no creaking upon wearing it. The earcups are made up of metal and plastic. There is a steel band on the headband that gives you the facility to adjust the headphone to the size of your head. It is soft and comfortable to wear while the earpads covered in faux leather enhance the comfort. The headphone has a good grip and feels comfy even when used for extended hours.

You can find small bass adjustment knobs on the side used to play around with sound settings while listening to the music. In the closed position, you experience the least bass, slightly open produces more of the bass while fully opened is the highest. The older models come with a 2.2 m cable and the newer ones have a 1.6m cable.


The 2.5mm connection on the headphone features a detachable cable. The included cable is quite flexible and doesn’t tangle. The product also includes a screw-on 6.3mm adapter. The TRS plug is a durable aluminum connector like other Takstar headphones. The Takstar Pro 82 facilitates adjusting the bass level with a control switch located near the earcups.


The Pro 82 is a highly comfortable headphone. Weighing just 235g without cable, it feels light on the head. The earpads are constructed out of soft leatherette material and the interior is quite plush, conforming nicely to the side of your head. The inside of the cups is quite spacious and there is a soft mesh that keeps you comfortable in case any part of your ear comes in contact with it.

The clamp on the headband means they never disappear but they can be worn comfortably for hours. The padding can feel too thin upon touching but the lightweight enhances comfort. The headband has metal but is covered with soft leather. It creates no pressure points on the head and you can wear it comfortably during extended sessions without any fatigue.

An adjustable headband allows the headphone to fit most head sizes. The Pro 82 has 10 adjustment levels on each side which means bigger head sizes should have no problem finding the right fit and comfort.


The isolation of the Takstar Pro 82 is pretty good for a closed-back, over-ear headphone model like this. The soundstage performance is also very nice, accurate, and coherent though not so wide. Models with closed-back design have limited soundstage reproduction but the Pro 82 excels in this area. You can experience a well-defined placement of instruments for most songs. With the added treble, you get a realistic reproduction of the soundstage.

The headphones isolate better than the models they are inspired by. They are capable of canceling out ambient noise when worn and playing music at moderate levels. Such isolation levels make the headphones ideal for noisy environments but not suitable for use during travel on a train or bus.

Sound Quality

The bass is an important aspect of the Takstar Pro 82’s sound, something not so common in headphones priced so affordably. The sound performance of this headphone is suitable for bass-intensive genres like hip-hop. At the first level, with a closed bass switch, it comes out fast, clean and accurate. It is not something too hard-hitting you get with bass-heavy headphones.

When the bass is at level 2, the overall bass gets improved and the mid-bass is more pronounced. At the third level, the bass gets horrible, making the sound quality muddy. The Pro 82 has a U-shaped sound signature, so the mids don’t stand out. The bass boost ports are useful at improving the midrange. Opening the first port would make some genres more enjoyable, making the midrange a little warm and full.

The treble is energetic and powerful with excellent reach. Though a little sibilance affects it when pushing the highs, the treble extends to soaring high levels and is lively. However, the highs can sometimes sound too aggressive. The bass boost port can help manage the treble and bring it to calmer levels.


  • Amazing comfort
  • Clear and precise sound
  • Clean and smooth midrange
  • Bass level adjustment with 3 switch positions
  • Metal headband
  • Lightweight design
  • Sturdy build
  • Detachable cable
  • Value for money


  • Bass can get out of control with the bass switch
  • Sub-bass does not get too deep
  • Pads can start getting hot in warm environments

Takstar Pro 82 Frequency Response

Frequency response is a highly significant sound-determining aspect of headphones. The Takstar Pro 82 comes with three bass levels ranging from ‘neutral’ and ‘bloated’ to ‘honky/boomy’. At level 1, you get a nice bass with decent control, speed, and texture. It is neither lean nor overwhelming but can’t seem to be different if you are used to the common V-shaped frequency response.

Takstar Pro 82 Frequency Response

When opened halfway or at level 2, the bass gets louder and less precise. And upon completely opening, you get too much bass and it gets boomy. A completely closed setting is the most preferable for Hi-Fi setups while the other two are almost useless. As you go up on the frequency range, you get some clean, well-separated mids with a lean texture. The high spectrum of frequency also sounds clean but pronounced.

At higher frequencies, you can hear a lot of details and feel the tracks strongly lighted with all the tiny atmospheric elements. Using an equalizer would help tone down the high frequencies and get rid of the brightness. These pronounced highs are also responsible for giving the edgy character this headphone is known for.

Takstar Pro 82 Vs MH751 – How Do They Differ?

The Cooler Master MH751 is a gaming headset based on the Takstar Pro 82 with a lot of similarities between the two. The MH751 includes a microphone along with the headphone and can be used with any amp, DAC, or other devices. The two headphones have a sturdy build with soft earpads. They look quite similar with a few touches that differ at different places.

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The Takstar Pro 82 differs from the MH751 in terms of sound performance, sounding more precise and cleaner than the latter. Some possible reasons are the use of thinner materials, different acoustic chambers, and driver tuning. The bass from the MH751 is decently precise but not so accurate and fast. Mid tones and vocals sound thinner and sharper than they should. The Takstar Pro 82 sounds better than MH751 and hence a more preferable option for listening to music. The MH751, on the other hand, is perfect for gamers as they offer a great mix of comfort, usability, and build quality.

Takstar Pro 82 Vs MH751

Takstar Pro 82 Price

Takstar Pro 82 is one of the most affordably-priced dynamic monitor headsets suitable for professional studio applications. It can also be used as a Hi-Fi headphone and sounds certainly better than some other models in the same price range. It is priced at just around $90 and available for lower prices, starting at about $55, on popular online shopping platforms with deals and offers.

The packaging and accessories are really good for this price point. Takstar includes everything you need to start using the headphone as you receive it. The product ships with standard accessories including a 2.2m cable, a ¼-inch adapter, a warranty card, a carrying case, and a manual that explains everything about using the headphone.

Takstar Pro 82 Price

The headphone also includes a hard case in aluminum with thick foam inserts on the interior to fit the product. As the case is not portable, the company also offers a cloth bag that serves as a carrying pouch for the Takstar Pro 82 headphone.


The Takstar Pro 82 is well-suited for its intended purpose which is to monitor during professional recording. It can also be used as a Hi-Fi headphone and sounds much better than other models in the same price range.

With excellent build quality and comfort, it is a great option for those who don’t demand the highest resolution but want something with a laid-back and warm, neutral sound for an affordable price.

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