Best Turntable Isolation Platforms 2020

Best Turntable Isolation Platforms – UPDATED 2020 – Turntable Vibration Isolation

As an audiophile, I completely understand how some people want only the absolute best sound quality when it comes to listening to their favorite music. And I also understand why some choose to use turntables instead of digital formats such as CD or MP3. Playing your favorite music from a vinyl record is simply captivating and sounds more immersive.

Even so, it still comes with flaws where it will affect the sound quality and is all thanks to vibrations. The turntable is one of the most sensitive audio components in a high fidelity system and this is why you’ll need to get the best turntable isolation platforms that you can get your hands on. If you are truly a HiFi enthusiast and a big fan of using a turntable as a music player then you should continue to read the rest.

Best Turntable Isolation Platforms

Turntable Vibration Isolation – How It Works?

The most sensitive component of a turntable will be the cartridge itself as their main function is to detect the smallest variation in a vinyl record grooves. Just imagine, your cartridge keeps getting vibrational interferences from other sources such as the actual speakers that are playing the music where it vibrates the chassis of the component, it will definitely affect the sound quality. Other vibration sources will be the platforms in which your turntable is placed on, such as a table, bookshelf, or even on the floor, from there the vibrations will enter the turntable via its’ feet.

There is certainly no such thing as a perfect method to overcome this problem but one of the most popular ways will be using Turntable Isolation Platforms. How it works is that the Turntable Vibration Isolation Platform will decouple the turntable from the platform and speakers where it will dissipate the vibrations instead of letting it be reflected back into the component. The below will be a list of the best turntable isolation platforms for the year 2020.

Turntable Vibration Isolation Platform

Best Turntable Isolation Platforms – UPDATED 2020

Pro-Ject Isolation Platform

Pro-Ject is founded in 1991 and since then they have been focusing on turntables, providing their customers with the best analogue experience at a reasonable price. They strive at creating amazing products with impeccable value, and by winning multiple awards from renowned HiFi press for their turntables, it is obvious that their products are of high-quality. Pro-Ject also works closely with music industry partners who are Universal Music Group (The Beatles), Third Man Records (Jack White), The Rolling Stones, and more. So you’ll be assured that Pro-Ject audio products are dedicated to the epitome of sound quality and delivering a real stereo experience to you.

Other than producing high-quality turntables, Pro-Ject Isolation platforms are a go-to for sound optimizing and sonic improvements. It has a range of models which is suitable for all types of audio devices, budget, and/or room decors. Since Pro-Ject is the HiFi analogue specialists, you will be assured that their isolation platforms are made to improve the performance of your turntables in mind as well as giving you great value.

Pro-Ject Ground it E Isolation Platform

Pro-Ject Ground it E is one of the best turntable isolation platforms highly sought after by turntable enthusiasts who are looking for an upgrade to improve their current turntables’ performance. It is elegantly designed with a high gloss piano finish that will fit well with most turntables. Most importantly it will improve the sonic performance of your turntable thus a pleasant, natural reproduction of vinyl music which you can enjoy all-day right at the comfort of your home.

Your music playback will appear more realistic, authentic, and also expressive by placing your turntable on Pro-Ject Ground it E Isolation Platform. It is affordable and definitely worth it for the benefits and improvements you can get for your music playback.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimension: 480 x 51 x 390 mm spike feet included
  • Weight: 4 KG
  • Heavy-weight MDF
  • Adjustable Height
  • High gloss piano finish
  • Conical feet with the damping ring
  • You can also use it with Pro-Ject Cover it E and Cover it RPM 1/3 Carbon
  • Suitable for many turntables and/or other audio equipment

Pro-Ject Ground it Deluxe Isolation Platform

An even better isolation platform by Pro-Ject and more expensive than Ground it E. It is heavier with its base filled with granular damping providing you with a resonance-free placement not only for your turntable but also for your HiFi audio components. Pro-Ject Ground it Deluxe Isolation Platform comes with a dark grey piano lacquer finish which matches very well with the charcoal finishes of Pro-Ject turntables. 1 model of Ground it Deluxe isolation platforms come with height adjustable magnetic feet.

With Ground it Deluxe premium build, you will notice sonic improvements of your turntables whether it is from the same brand Pro-Ject or others. It also offers three different sizes for either smaller or bigger turntables or audio gears. This is certainly one of the best turntable isolation platforms to help prevent vibration from reaching your turntable which is generated from sources such as your audio components like speakers and/or room.

Features and Specifications

  • Ground it Deluxe 1’s Dimension: 500 x 65 (45)x 400 mm include spikes (without spikes)
  • Ground it Deluxe 1’s Weight: 11.6 KG
  • Ground it Deluxe 2’s Dimension: 435 x 65 (45)x 340 mm include spikes (without spikes)
  • Ground it Deluxe 2’s Weight: 8.5 KG
  • Ground it Deluxe 3’s Dimension: 500 x 65 (45) x 400 mm include feet (without feet)
  • Ground it Deluxe 3’s Weight: 13.5 KG
  • It is filled with granular damping, giving its heavyweight base
  • Gives you a resonance-free placement for your turntables and other high fidelity components
  • Dark grey piano lacquer finish
  • 1 model with height-adjustable magnetic feet
  • 2 models with adjustable spikes where you can maybe choose either 3 or 4 to be fitted.

Pro-Ject Ground it Carbon Isolation Platform

This is a premium model of isolation platforms by Pro-Ject, made for your high-end turntables and especially for those which are larger in size. Like the Ground it Deluxe, it’s heavyweight base is filled with granular damping for a resonance-free turntable/HiFi placement. One of the main features is that you will clearly notice sound improvements when you used Pro-Ject Ground it Carbon as an Isolation Platform.

Not only it has an elegant piano lacquer finish, but it also comes with a carbon layer on top, emitting a premium-grade isolation platform that is made to perform and improve your sound system sonic performance. Matches well with the charcoal finish of their Pro-Ject turntables. With such audio as well as visual quality, it will sure make your listening sessions a lot more enjoyable.

Features and Specifications

  • Gives you a resonance-free placement for your turntables and other HiFi devices.
  • 4 magnetic decoupling feet to decouple your turntable from the platform that it is placed on
  • When you use Pro-Ject Ground it Carbon isolation platform, you will clearly notice sound improvements
  • Elegant piano lacquer finish with a top carbon layer
  • Ground it Carbon’s heavyweight base is filled with granular damping
  • Matches well with the charcoal finish of their Pro-Ject turntables
  • Dimension: 500 x 70 x 400 mm
  • Weight: 14.5 KG
Pro-Ject Isolation Platform

Auralex Turntable Isolation Platform

Auralex Acoustics has been around for more than 40 years, producing affordable acoustical products and yet significant performance advantages to audiophiles around the world. One of their most popular and successful product will be their MAX-Wall which is featured on the cover of a major industry magazine and also Auralex Stand-Mounted LENRDs that garnered widespread acclaim.

There are many famous users who use Auralex acoustical products and just to name a few: Tony Succar, SongFarm, Elizabeth Zharoff, Derrick Wright, Fame Recording Studios, Gino Vannelli, and many more. Even with so many famous customers, Auralex’s competent engineers will still provide the same level of consulting expertise and technical firepower to all of their customers.

Most importantly for this article, the Auralex product which we will be focusing on will be the ISO-Tone. An isolation platform made specifically for turntables. With so many years of experience and accolades, as well as their top-notch service quality and expertise, you will be assured that ISO-Tone is definitely one of the Best Turntable Isolation Platforms of 2020.

Auralex ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform

This is Auralex’s answer to unwanted vibrations reflecting back into your sensitive turntable, a simple and yet effective method to improve your turntable sound quality and enabling you to place it on any platforms. This Auralex Turntable Isolation Platform ISO-Tone has an Ozite-covered MDF platform that sits on top of a 1-inch layer Auralex’s proprietary sound isolation foam which you can find in the Auralex ‘s GRAMMA amplifier-isolation products.

Made to prevent vibrations from affecting your turntable that will diminish it’s sonic performance, giving you the focus, detail, and clarity which your turntable is capable of, unleashing it’s potential. Allowing you to enjoy your music listening sessions day in and day out.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimension: 450 W x 362 D x 44 H mm
  • Weight Limit: 136 KG
  • Designed for Turntablists, Mobile DJs, Audiophiles, and more
  • Improves low-frequency clarity
  • Decouples your turntable from the platforms that it is placed on
  • Gives you a cleaner and more accurate sound from your turntable
  • Auralex ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform will also help reduce acoustic feedback

How to Pick Turntable Vibration Isolation Platform

As you can see that there are quite a few Turntable Vibration Isolation Platform choices to choose from and you must be wondering which will be the best choice. You can further filter it down to the size of the vibration isolation platform you required based on the size of your turntable. The budget you have allocated to purchase this acoustical product. You may also want to see which brand you are more comfortable with. If you are a person who also looks at the aesthetic point of view, then you may want to see which vibration isolation platform will blend seamlessly with your decor or even enhance it. If you are enjoying music together with a partner, you may also ask for his/her opinion. With these filters, I hope you will be able to choose the best turntable isolation platform for your music listening pleasure.

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