Best Speakers for Audio Technica LP3

Best Speakers for Audio Technica LP3

The Audio Technica LP3 is a fully automatic belt-drive turntable that provides plenty of conveniences and ease of use for new turntable users. The modest price tag also allows easier entry to this vinyl hobby, the exceptional sonic performance and features make the LP3 worth every penny invested. In order to really make the Audio Technica LP3 sing, you will require a pair of matching speakers and if you are currently looking for one then please continue to read on.

We are preparing a list of the best speakers that you can go for and pair with your Audio Technica LP3. This list will be shared with you once we have acquired enough data and information. As we need to learn more about the sonic performances and characteristics of the Audio Technica LP3 fully automatic stereo turntable. With the right data, we can then select the right matching speakers for the job.

Sonic Characteristics and Important Specifications of Audio Technica LP3

The Audio Technica LP3 looks stylish and loud with its smooth curves and striking red headshell and cartridge. These visual aesthetics enable the LP3 turntable to fit into both modern and retro-themed listening rooms. It will also match aesthetically well with most modern speakers. Furthermore, there are black and white finishes to choose from. This turntable comes in two speeds which are 33-1/3 RPM and 45 RPM. The fully automated belt-drive turntable operation is very user-friendly to newcomers and great for users who want to save some time. You just need to press the play button to start playing your favorite vinyl records.

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This Audio Technica turntable is well constructed, limiting low-frequency feedback and reduces resonance, providing high sound quality to its listeners. There is a built-in phono preamplifier (switchable to line preamp) which enables you to connect active speakers or power amplifiers directly to the Audio Technica LP3. Connecting a pair of active speakers will help you to save space and money since you do not need to get additional power amplifiers to drive the loudspeakers. It would be nicer if there is Bluetooth connectivity though. Still, the available features are more than enough to kickstart one’s vinyl journey.

The Audio Technica LP3 has a balanced and detailed music presentation, for an entry-level turntable, the level of details it can retrieve is decently good. The presentation is also full-bodied and has a hint of warmth in the midrange reproduction. It can be a little bright sounding but no matter how much you push it, the LP3 turntable doesn’t sound harsh. The Audio Technica LP3 actually sounds quite polite and with just enough power and dynamics to provide a bit of liveliness here and there. This balancing act is rather impressive for a turntable at this price point and makes it work well with almost all music genres.

It has quite a spacious soundstage with enough separation and spacing to provide a non-congested music performance with enough scale for an enjoyable listening experience. The subtle musical details and nuances are not really clear, there is a lack of insights but to get this level of performance, you will need to go for higher-end models which are more expensive than the LP3. At this price range, the Audio Technica LP3 is certainly one of the better choices to go for especially for casual listeners. For analytical audio enthusiasts, you might want to look elsewhere.

The vocals and musical instruments sounded natural, the fuller sound quality does bring them out a little. Its bass performance is not as tight as we want it to be and the low ends do linger longer from time to time. Still, we did find the bass delivery has a certain level of punch to it which makes it rather entertaining. Audio Technica LP3 has a neutral sonic characteristic, with good accuracy and music timing. After gathering all this data, we have prepared a list of the best speakers to pair with your Audio Technica LP3 turntable and will be sharing it with you now.

Audio Technica LP3 Specifications

  • Type: Belt Drive, Fully Automatic
  • Speed: 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
  • Turntable Platter: Die-cast aluminum
  • Outputs: Phono, Line
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 434mm x 128mm x 350mm (17.1″ x 5″ x 13.8″)
  • Weight: 5.2kg (11.5lbs)

Best Speakers to pair with Audio Technica LP3

The Yamaha HS5 will be one of the best speakers to pair with your Audio Technica LP3 stereo turntable. It is a pair of high-quality studio monitors with an integrated bi-amp system efficiently powering the speaker drivers. The level of clarity that these studio monitors can muster is astounding, allowing you to hear plenty of music details and nuances. It has crystal clear sound quality and a highly accurate overall sound reproduction, the Yamaha HS5 will be an excellent match with the Audio Technica LP3 turntable especially for listeners who want more detailed and faithful music presentation of their favorite vinyl records.

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The Kanto YU4 will be one of the best speakers to match with the Audio Technica LP3. The warm sonic characteristic and smooth music delivery help to ease off any rough edges, delivering a music presentation that is easy on the ears. The pleasing sound quality gives its listeners a more laid-back presentation of their favorite tunes too. Kanto YU4 active speakers have built-in amplification to power their drivers and a dedicated subwoofer output where you can connect to a powered sub. With the active sub supplementing the low frequencies, it will significantly improve the overall bass performance.

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For a livelier performance, the Klipsch R-41PM will be an amazing pair of powered speakers to go for and partner them with your Audio Technica LP3. The R-41PM has a high level of clarity which helps to provide a clearer music presentation. The cleaner and tighter bass performance of the active speakers will provide better control over the low-end delivery. These are bright-sounding speakers and also energetic performers, providing a more engaging music presentation but it can be overly bright for some listeners. You might want to hear them out first and see if the lively performance is right for you.

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For listeners who have a tight budget but do not want to compromise the sound quality, we will suggest that you take a look at the PreSonus Eris E4.5. It is a pair of active studio monitors which will match well with your Audio Technica LP3 turntable, adding more clarity and accuracy to the overall sound reproduction. The Eris E4.5 are highly-rated studio monitors which are capable of retrieving music details including subtle ones and produce them out in spades with high clarity. They have a built-in Class AB amplification, helping you to save both money and space at the same time. At this price point, we have nothing to complain about.

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If you prefer more bass output without using an active subwoofer then the Yamaha HS7 will be an ideal choice for you to pair with the Audio Technica LP3. It is a powered studio monitor with a frequency response of 43Hz-30kHz, the bi-amp system is driving a total of 95 Watts of power. The Yamaha HS7 is not only capable of producing bass with weight but also accurately renders low frequencies. These studio monitors can deliver a clean and clear overall sound reproduction packed with musical nuances and details. Yamaha HS7 is a solid performer and will match well with your LP3 turntable.

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Q Acoustics passive speakers will be ideal choices as well and they have many award-winning entry-level speakers that are worthy to pair with the Audio Technica LP3. One such speaker will be the Q Acoustics 3020 which is neutral sounding and has a tad warm sound quality that will match well with the sonic characteristics of the LP3 turntable. If you prefer bright and lively sounding passive loudspeakers, you can either go with Klipsch or Dali entry-level speakers. Since they are passive speakers, you will need an additional power amplifier to drive them. You can check out Emotiva stereo power amps such as their entry-level BasX A2. The Dayton Audio APA150 stereo power amplifier will be a good choice particularly for listeners who have a tighter budget.

More Information at Amazon – Q Acoustics 3020 (Graphite)

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To Sum It Up

The speakers listed here are modestly priced, not to mention, they are also high-performance loudspeakers that are valued for money. You might want to look at the list and pick the ones which suit your needs the most so as to arrange an audition to hear them out. During the auditions, you can see which one of these shortlisted speakers you like to hear the most. If you are going for passive speakers, the power amplifiers which are driving them will affect the overall sound quality so do take note of the amps been used during the speakers auditioning.

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