Best Speakers for Audio Technica LP60X

Best Speakers for Audio Technica LP60X

When it comes to affordable turntables the Audio Technica LP60X is one of the very best on the market. It is affordably priced and makes it easy for any listeners to kickstart their vinyl records hobby. Furthermore, the LP60X is extremely highly rated and praised by scores of satisfied owners. You will definitely want to aim for equally remarkable speakers that will match really well with the Audio Technica LP60X turntable.

There are plenty of potential entry-level speakers available on the market. To choose the right pair of speakers for the job, we must first find out more about the Audio Technica LP60X such as its sonic characteristics and how well it can perform. With a better understanding, we can then make a list of the best speakers that are compatible to match this LP60X turntable. This speakers list will be provided later on and so please continue to read through.

Sonic Characteristics and Important Specifications of Audio Technica LP60X

The Audio Technica LP60X looks mighty fine for an entry-level turntable at this price point, it should fit in nicely into any listening room. It uses a fully automatic belt-drive turntable operation with two speed options to choose from which are 33-1/3 RPM, and 45 RPM, giving new turntable users an easier time and convenience when playing their vinyl records. The die-cast aluminum platter of the LP60X minimizes vibrations, thanks to its anti-resonation capability. The tonearm base and headshell have been redesigned, further enhancing the tracking and reduces resonance as well. So far the Audio Technica LP60X build quality is above our expectations for a budget turntable.

There is even a built-in phono preamp, enabling you to directly connect to active speakers thus saving you money as well as space. You can also go for the Wireless version where it has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with the aptX codec but you will need to pay more for this feature though. The affordable wired version of the Audio Technica LP60X has more than enough features to start most listeners’ vinyl record journey and what really matters now is how good will it sound.

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The way the Audio Technica LP60X plays back the vinyl records, you can tell it simply wants to entertain its audience. There are not many details and insights, but the overall sound reproduction is enjoyable to listen to. It has a charisma where most casual listeners will be smitten by its sound quality. The bass performance is full-bodied and solid with ample weight, giving the midrange reproduction a fuller sound quality. But sometimes we do find the low ends are a little too overbearing. Female vocals sound intimate but not intricate and natural enough. The musical instruments are well textured and accurately rendered.

Audio Technica LP60X high-frequency reproduction is really easy on the ears, you won’t find them sounding too harsh or bright. The overall sound reproduction is warm and smooth, it has a pleasing sound quality that shows plenty of mercy to bad-sounding records. The level of clarity is good for the price but the highs can be quite muddled at times. The stereo imaging and soundstage of the LP60X is decent and to be honest you can’t really expect much from a budget turntable. Still, the full-bodied music performance been displayed on the soundstage does have its own allure.

All in all, the Audio Technica LP60X is certainly one of the absolute best entry-level turntables to go for in their price range. You may want to take your time to slowly upgrade your whole sound system and simply use the LP60X as just a turntable. There’s really nothing much to nitpick, it is a go-to turntable for anyone who wants to enter this vinyl hobby without breaking the bank or doesn’t want to invest much. We have acquired the necessary information and we can now start sharing with you a list of the best speakers to pair with the Audio Technica LP60X turntable. The prices of these speakers will be taken into account as well.

Audio Technica LP60X Specifications

  • Type: Belt Drive, Fully Automatic
  • Speed: 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
  • Outputs: Phono, Line
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 360mm x 98mm x 373mm (14.2″ x 3.8″ x 14.7″)
  • Weight: 2.6kg (5.7lbs)

Best Speakers to pair with Audio Technica LP60X

If you want more clarity in the overall sound reproduction, going for studio monitors will be an excellent choice and the PreSonus Eris E4.5 is just the pair of active speakers for the job. The Eris E4.5 is an amazing entry-level compact studio monitor to pair with your Audio Technica LP60X turntable. It has a built-in Class AB amplifier with a total of 50 Watts power output (25W per speaker). This pair of active speakers delivers a very detailed music presentation with a high level of clarity. The warm sound character of the LP60X and its midrange prowess will work really well together with the PreSonus Eris E4.5 active speakers.

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The Edifier R1280T is one of the best speakers to go with your Audio Technica LP60X. It is an extremely highly rated active speaker and has an affordable price tag that will fit most listeners’ budgets. Furthermore, the built-in amplifier provides 21 Watts of RMS power to each speaker, allowing you to save money on amps and providing even more value to its users. For an active budget speaker, the overall accuracy and level of clarity which the Edifier R1280T possess are impressive. The Audio Technica LP60X also helps to smoothen any rough edges, enabling you to listen to your favorite tunes for hours on end without feeling listener fatigue.

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The PreSonus Eris E5 XT will be an ideal speaker choice to pair with the Audio Technica LP60X if you want more bass output. The Eris E5 XT has a 5.25″ low-frequency transducer, able to reach down to 48Hz bass extension, and uses a built-in Class AB amplifier to drive it. Since it is a studio monitor, you can expect high-quality bass performance with detailed basslines and taut delivery. The PreSonus Eris E5 XT is capable of delivering a faithful music presentation with high clarity and precision. For a speaker of this size, the Eris E5 XT can go really loud and delivers a clean overall sound reproduction.

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If you prefer to add an active subwoofer into the mix then you probably want to go with the Edifier R1850DB. It is a pair of active bookshelf speakers with a dedicated subwoofer output. With a powered subwoofer supplementing the bass, you can expect a punchier performance and deeper bass impacts. The Edifier R1850DB active speakers have Bluetooth connectivity and if you are planning to get the wireless version of the Audio Technica LP60X turntable then the R1850DB is definitely worth your while to check them out. This is a pair of very well-received powered bookshelf speakers and will match well with your LP60X.

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For listeners with a higher budget, the Klipsch R-51PM will be one of the best active speakers to pair with your Audio Technica LP60X turntable especially if you want a livelier music presentation. The energetic performance will give you a more engaging music delivery of your favorite tunes, not to mention, the bright-sounding nature of the R-51PM speakers will provide more clarity and details. The custom-tuned amplifier that is built into the Klipsch R-51PM speakers really brings out the lively character of the Klipsch house sound. It even has an integrated phono preamp which you may want to try to use instead of Audio Technica LP60X’s own preamplifier.

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For a warmer-sounding active speaker, the Kanto YU2 will be an amazing choice to go for. It is a pair of small powered stand-mounters and will be excellent as desktop speakers. If you find they lack weight and prominence in the bass region you can always connect an active subwoofer via its sub-out. The Audioengine A2+ will be another ideal pair of active speakers to match with the Audio Technica LP60X. These compact stand-mounters have similar sonic characteristics as the LP60X turntable, providing you with a laid-back music presentation with smooth delivery. You can also connect to an active subwoofer for a significant improvement in the bass department.

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To Sum It Up

You can go for passive speakers if you like but you will need to invest in power amplifiers to drive these loudspeakers. The active speakers listed here are some of the best on the market and comes with their own built-in amplification, saving you the headache of finding and buying matching power amps. Look through the list and choose the speakers which fit your requirements. We will suggest hearing the shortlisted speakers’ sonic performance first and see if you like the sound quality they are producing before making your final decision.

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