Koss BT539i Review Updated in 2021

Koss BT539i Review – UPDATED 2021 – Are Koss Headphones Good?

We all know how expensive headphones can get, especially if you want to include Bluetooth function, that feature alone will going to hike up the price. What if there’s a brand that makes not only affordable wireless headphones but also doesn’t compromise sound quality. That brand will be Koss and this is no ordinary brand, it has been around since the 1960s.

Over the years, Koss has produced hit after hit and in 1969, Koss headphones were at every seat of Air Force One, including the seats inside the presidential quarters. Yes, this is a legendary American stereophones brand that has been widely used by professionals, celebrities, and consumers. And now we will be reviewing one of their current top-rated wireless headphones. Will it have the signature Sound of Koss where it delivers you the excitement of live performance via Koss BT539i Bluetooth over-ear headphones? Let’s find out, shall we?

Koss BT539i Review – UPDATED 2021

The first impression of Koss BT539i headphones, it doesn’t give you that premium feels or look, most probably because of the plastic casing. Due to this shortfall, it is actually lightweight and comfortable to wear, the inner soft cushions feel just right on our ears. We tried to shake our heads with little more exaggerated movements and the wireless headphones stays in place. Having comfortable headphones is very important, especially when you are on the move while wearing them, each step you make could be a nightmare if the headphones are heavy and uncomfortable.

Koss BT539i is designed and made to be portable, as you can fold it flat and easily keep it inside your bag. It has Bluetooth 4.0 where you can connect to your mobile device and start streaming music. Since it has an inbuilt microphone, you can use this BT539i to answer phone calls. The controls are conveniently located on the right side, where you can control the volume, navigate songs, answer calls, and more. The battery life is more than enough to last you the whole day, with 12 hours of playtime at moderate volume. Even if the battery runs out, you can still use the detachable analog cord, to connect your Koss BT539i to your mobile device to continue listening to your favorite songs. The D-profile cushions really are comfortable but the headband will really depend on the individual’s head size though, as it is thin and does not have padding.

Koss BT539i Review

When answering calls, the voices can be heard clearly and no stutter, as there is a stable Bluetooth connection. The other party can hear us clearly as well, which means the built-in microphone is good too. But in an open area or busy streets, the microphone does pick up noises coming from the environment which does interrupt your phone conversation. Now comes the sound quality review when playing back music, the midrange sound reproduction is detailed and clean, the vocals sounded natural. The higher frequency tends to be a bit unclear and muddle at times, but the bass reproduction is good and better than expected at such a price point. The scale of the soundstage is decent and the signature sound of Koss is there as well. Koss BT539i is capable of reaching high volumes without much distortions.

The sound quality is really impressive, if only it comes with apt-X, the streaming quality would have improved. You can go for direct connection using the analog cord for slightly improved sound quality but does beat the purpose of being wireless headphones. If only it is more comfortable to wear for a long period of time and a microphone that catches the user’s voice more directly, then it would be the perfect entry-level Bluetooth headphones. At such a price point, Koss BT539i has already exceeded expectations and well worth your considerations.

Specifications and Features of Koss BT539i

  • Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz
  • 97 dB SPL
  • 38 Ohms
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Up to 12 hours of playtime (moderate volume)
  • D-Profile Over-Ear Headphones
  • Foldable so that it is easier to carry.

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Koss Bluetooth Headphones Review

In our current times, there’s a wide range of Koss headphones models available on the market, from gaming headsets to professional studio headphones. The most attractive part about Koss headphones is their price points, the current highest-end Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic Headphone System delivers impeccable sound quality and faithful presentation of any music. The bass responses are precise and rich, with no boominess, but tight. Is such a musical-sounding headphone, the sweet airiness, and crisp sound quality. You will expect it to be more than $1,000 but it is just $500 and that’s Koss’s second most expensive headphones to date. The most expensive headphones that Koss has in its arsenal, will be ESP950. It is another electrostatic headphone system that delivers high resolution and crystal clear sound quality without breaking the bank. Koss ESP950 is also very comfortable to wear and is made for a long listening duration.

More Details at Amazon – DROP Mass x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic Headphone System with Electrostatic Energizer (Amplifier)

Like any high-quality electrostatic headphones, Koss ESP950 sounds smooth and musical, revealing details with clarity without sounding clinical. The energetic nature makes it very entertaining to listen to music for hours on end. When pairing Koss ESP950 with better headphone amps, you will notice a significant improvement in sound quality as well.

Koss Bluetooth Headphones Review

Their studio headphones for professionals are amazing as well for the price it is asking, neutral sound design without colorations which is exactly what pros require, to playback any music sources as faithful as possible. We have also just reviewed Koss BT539i which is exceptional at that price range and for its functionality. Koss gaming headsets are highly rated as well, such as the GMR-540-ISO which is comfortable to wear for a long extended time. Even their lower entry and cheaper Koss SB40 is great for gaming and music as well.

At the time of writing, there is quite a new wireless headphone model by Koss, KPH7, it is great for users who have budget constraints, and itself have garnered high ratings from their customers. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear with an adjustable headband as well. Koss KPH7 uses higher Bluetooth 5.0 technology and has a good battery life of up to 18 hours of playtime at moderate volume. It is cheaper than Koss BT539i, and definitely worth your consideration.

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Are Koss Headphones Good?

The answer is an immediate yes. Based on the price points and affordability, you are really getting value for your money. Most Koss Headphones are good and have impressive sound quality, they certainly serve their functionality as well. There are also those that exceed all expectations and not to mention exceptional sound quality. If your budget is tight and can’t spare much on a pair of headphones, then Koss headphones will be a good option for you.

Are Koss Headphones Good

How To Pair Koss Bluetooth Headphones?

You’ve finally got your Koss BT539i Bluetooth headphones and can’t wait to use them? Cool, let us share with you how to pair Koss Bluetooth headphones. Firstly, make sure your mobile device Bluetooth is turned on. Secondly, hold down the power button of Koss BT539i for 5 seconds until you hear a tone. Followed by checking if the LED light is flashing blue and red, then select your Koss BT539i Bluetooth headphones from the list of devices via your mobile phone. Ensure that both your Koss Headphones and your mobile device have successfully paired. The same steps can be used for most Koss Bluetooth headphones pairing, and it should be as straightforward as what we have just shown you.

How To Pair Koss Bluetooth

To sum it up

Koss BT539i may not have the best sound quality but is definitely good enough to playback most genres of music. Of course, there are quite a number of improvements needed, which could drastically improve the sound quality and its functionality as a portable Bluetooth headset. Such as a little padding on the headband, which could significantly improve the comfort level especially when you are wearing it for a long time while moving. Higher Bluetooth technology with apt-X will improve the quality of your music streaming thus improving the overall sound quality. Still, at this price point and especially the pricing showed on Amazon, is so affordable and worth it. You really can’t ask for more.

Koss headphones may not be the best in the world but they sure provide value and performance which most of their competitors are unable to compete. The sound of Koss is rather unique as well, I will suggest that you audition the Koss headphones first. Find out if the Koss sound signature is really to your liking, play your favorite tunes and hear the differences. You should also try other brands, for instance, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Bose, etc. By trying other models/brands, you can ensure that the headphones you are getting, are truly what you want. Well if budget/cost is your main concern then probably you should stick with Koss headphones. If the budget is not an issue and your really looking for amazing noise-canceling headphones, I would suggest you check out Bose Noise Cancelling headphones 700.

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