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The Chord Qutest is a multi-award-winning DAC and is one of the very best in the world. Discerning critics praise the Chord D/A converter for its amazing sound quality and audiophiles who are serious about getting the top audio components should definitely check this one out. Chord Qutest may cost more than your average DAC but it is still sanely priced and is more reachable than some other high-end digital-to-audio converters.

High-quality HiFi components like the Chord Qutest should only be matched with others of the same caliber. Today we will be showing you the list of the best preamps to go for and pair it with the Chord Qutest. Before we do, let’s learn more about this Qutest DAC.

Sound Characteristics and Strengths of the Chord Qutest

Chord Qutest doesn’t look like your average DAC, on first glance you might not even know it is one. This does make the D/A converter stands out among the crowd though. The Chord logo and the model name are displayed prominently which is a good thing since you have already spent quite a sum on it and you would want others to know of its reputation. The light displays on the Qutest are more for functionality rather than aesthetics, it would light up different colors depending on the selected filter. The different lighting displays do provide us with convenience but some users may find the lights distracting.

More Details of Chord Qutest at Amazon

As expected from a high-end DAC, the Chord Qutest supports up to 32-bit/768kHz resolution and also natively supports DSD to DSD512. This should be enough for most high-res audio listeners. If you are into MQA then you might be a bit disappointed with this DAC. There are playback apps that could help to resolve this situation. There is another missing feature that might deter some from buying the Chord Qutest and this will be the Bluetooth connection.

You will soon forget about the missing features when you start hearing how good the Chord Qutest DAC sounds. A massive amount of music details are being delivered into our ears and with incredible precision too. This information is well-controlled and the timing is near perfect, the Chord Qutest masterfully presents the high-resolution music without any sign of strain and congestion. The high level of clarity is equally impressive, you will be able to hear subtle nuances with ease. The soundstage is spacious and airy as well.

The Chord Qutest is ideal for critical listening and you simply set it to incisive neutral. The bass performance of the Qutest DAC has ample weight and the delivery is tight. You will need a subwoofer and/or speakers which can reach deep into the bass extension so as to make full use of this Chord D/A converter’s low-end prominence. With this selection of filters to choose from, it does make it easier to match with preamps. You should work out the type of sound signatures you want to listen to as this will help during the preamp selection phase. If you already finalized all your requirements then please take a look below for the list of the best preamps for Chord Qutest DAC.

Best Preamps for Chord Qutest

The Rogue Audio Perseus is one of the best preamps to match your Chord Qutest DAC. This is a tube preamplifier with a price point very close to the Qutest pricing, more importantly, the accuracy of the Rogue Audio Perseus complements well with the Chord D/A converter. The precision of this Rogue Audio tube preamp provides its users with a faithful music presentation and adds a bit of warmth to the mix. The smooth sound reproduction of the Rogue Perseus preamp is easy on the ears and this is great for long listening sessions.

If you prefer a solid-state preamplifier, the Gamut D3i is definitely worth your time to take a look. The level of detail reproduced by the Gamut D3i preamp is staggering and amazingly it doesn’t sound clinical. The music presentation is fluid and the information flows smoothly into our ears. Stereo imaging and soundstage are focused, and filled with rich details. It doesn’t sound flat, partly due to how articulate the overall musical performance is. The price point of the Gamut D3i might be too expensive for some listeners though.

Matching the Chord Qutest with the Chord Prima would be an excellent idea since both are made by the same company, and we can expect both of them to work seamlessly together. The build quality of the Chord Prima preamp is incredible and it should last for years without a hitch. The price point of the Prima preamplifier can be a deterrent but still, the sound quality of this high-end preamp does justify the high cost. One thing is for sure, the Chord Prima is certainly worth your time for an audition.

The Music Fidelity M6s PRE is certainly one of the best preamps to partner with your Chord Qutest DAC. It adds a bit more energy to the overall sound reproduction and doesn’t compromise the details. The vivid sonic performance makes it even more enjoyable to listen to your favorite music. This Music Fidelity preamp is ideal for Chord Qutest users who want tighter bass performance and a livelier music presentation. The award-winning Music Fidelity M6s PRE is another preamplifier deserving of your consideration.

For more details see Music Fidelity M6s PRE on Amazon

The Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE will be a preamplifier choice with a more modest price point. It may be more affordable than some of the preamps listed here but the sound quality it could deliver to its users is still good. The music presentation is highly detailed and coherent. Vocals and musical instruments sound natural as well. The neutrality of the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE is well suited for the Chord Qutest and would be cool for listeners who prefer accurate audio rendition of their music.

The Schiit Freya+ is another modestly priced preamp worthy of your attention and will match well with your Chord Qutest DAC. This Schiit preamplifier has exceptional control over its low-end reproduction and does help to slightly tame the bass performance of the Qutest without losing the impact. There is a bit of warmth being added in by the Schiit Freya+ preamp which makes the overall sound reproduction a little more gentle and relaxed. If you want a more full-bodied music delivery, you should really check this preamplifier out.

To Sum It Up

To make things easier when selecting a potential preamp from this list, you can first come out with a budget that you are comfortable with spending. With this, you can easily filter out the preamps which don’t fit your price requirement. You can arrange an audition with the remaining preamps to see if you like the sound when matched with your Chord Qutest DAC. From there, you can choose the one which sounds the best out of the lot.

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