Subwoofer on Floor or Desk

Subwoofer on Floor or Desk

Got yourself a new subwoofer and thinking of placing it on a desk? Hold up, we wouldn’t recommend doing that. Even if the subwoofer is small, we still don’t advise placing the sub on your desk. It is better to place the subwoofer on the floor of your listening room.

There are reasons for not putting the subwoofer on your desk especially if we are talking about large size and powerful active subs. We will be sharing more details about this as well as solutions to why you might reach this predicament.

Why you should not place Subwoofer on Desk

Placing the subwoofer on your desk will create plenty of rattling and vibrations during music/movie playbacks, thus affecting your listening experience negatively. Subwoofers tend to perform better in the corner of your room as the walls will help reinforce the bass responses. Computer speaker systems that come with a subwoofer also recommend placing it below the desk instead of on top of it.

Why you should not place Subwoofer on Desk

Another reason why it is better to place the subwoofer on the floor instead of on a desk is that you can find the optimal position to get the best bass performances from your sub. You can find it via the subwoofer crawl method. If you place a sub on a desk, you are not really making use of its full potential.

Placing the subwoofer on the desk beside your speakers will likely overwhelm the upper registers causing an unbalanced sound quality. The level of clarity might diminish as well and you will be missing out on the music details.

Reasons why you would place a subwoofer on a desk

You are trying to be considerate and don’t want to annoy your neighbors but placing the subwoofer on your desk won’t help much. The only way is to lower the bass level and volume to the point it is acceptable to your neighbors. You can also work out a schedule or inform your neighbors that you will be blasting your sound system during a period of time and see if it is fine for them.

There is not enough floor space for you to place a subwoofer. If you haven’t gotten a sub yet, you might want to measure how much available space you have. Either you should make more space for the potential subwoofer or get a compact-sized one. There are powerful subwoofers which doesn’t take up much floor space such as the SVS PC-2000 Pro, Ken Kreisel DXD-808, etc., and you should pick one of them as your choice.

You want to decouple the subwoofer which is a good idea, to be honest. Instead of placing the sub on your desk, why not use subwoofer stands. Decoupling the subwoofer using high-quality stands will help improve its bass performance.

Reasons why you would place a subwoofer on a desk

If you want to feel more punch from the bass, you can choose to add an additional mid-bass module. The MBM will focus on delivering impactful midbass slams and your other subwoofer will deliver the deep subterranean low frequencies. There are also subwoofer models that can deliver amazing midbass while producing rumbling sub-bass on its own. The Ken Kreisel DXD-808 is one such subwoofer and is worth your time to audition it.

You don’t like how the subwoofer rattles the wooden flooring. Placing a carpet under your subwoofer might help to improve the situation but when you are playing at loud volume levels, the sub would still vibrate and rattle any wooden materials within the room, including your door. You can invest in acoustically treating your room though.

Other Subwoofer Placements

We have listeners who build an elevated platform using concrete and it is fully carpeted too, right in front of their projector screen. This platform is been used to place their sound system’s speakers including the subwoofer itself.

There are also listeners who stack their subwoofers on top of each other. We would advise going with subs that are designed to be stacked and again, the Ken Kreisel powered subwoofers are exceptional choices to go for, worthy of your time to take a look.

To Conclude

It is always best to avoid putting your subwoofer on the desk. You should have it planned out before making the purchase. If you really don’t have the floor space for a subwoofer, you might want to go for larger speakers instead, such as bookshelf speakers with larger woofers. You can still place the large stand-mounters on the desk itself without the need to use the floor space.

Placing the subwoofer under your desk is only a good idea if you are using a computer speaker system that recommends their sub to be placed underneath it. For decent and higher quality subwoofers, you should always use the subwoofer crawl method to find the best placement for your sub or at least use room correction technologies such as Audyssey to optimize the bass performance in a given room.

We hope our blog post has persuaded you enough to not place the subwoofer on your desk. Still, it is entirely your decision, and what’s more important is that you enjoy the sound quality which your sound system is producing.

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