Subwoofer Stands

Subwoofer Stands – Tightens Bass and More Clarity

You have a subwoofer and like to turn it up whenever you are watching a movie, you want to feel the bass impact and the low rumble of the thunder but that doesn’t mean your neighbors living below or beside you would feel the same way. If you are living in an apartment complex and you want to live harmoniously with your neighbors but still want to enjoy watching a movie and listening to some bass-heavy soundtracks at high volumes. There is a solution for you.

Soundproofing your home cinema room could be a solution but it is going to be very expensive. Another solution is to get subwoofer stands which is a much cheaper alternative. You must be thinking, is that all? Does getting a subwoofer stand benefits you as well and not just your neighbors. Yes, it certainly does and there are already some highly rated subwoofer stands out in the market.

How does a subwoofer stand help

When a subwoofer is placed on the floor, one issue will be the vibrations generated by the subwoofer, which gets transferred to the floor. From the floor, the vibrations will be transmitted out of your cinema room to adjacent rooms or the room right below you thus disturbing your neighbors. The powerful vibrations may also rattle your wooden floors, creating unwanted noises and ruin your listening experience. This is where the subwoofer stands will help as it drastically reduces floor and wall vibrations.

Subwoofer vibration disturbing your neighbor

Using a subwoofer stand, you can get a more even bass distribution in your room when compared to putting your sub directly on the floor without any sort of decoupling.

Best Subwoofer Stands 2021

There are still more benefits which you can get from using a subwoofer stand, and currently, the best in the market are:

IsoAcoustics Iso-200Sub Subwoofer Isolation Stand (New Model)

The new and improved Iso-200Sub Subwoofer Stand is designed to clean up the common acoustic issues of a subwoofer. What it does is that it allows the sub to float hence controlling the powerful energy of the sub, preventing the low frequencies to be driven into the floor surface. Thus giving you bass that has more punch and clarity. This subwoofer stand is rated for subs that weigh up to 75 pounds but is not compatible with all down-firing subwoofers. A cool feature will be that not only it can be used as a single unit, but IsoAcoustics Iso-200Sub can also be combined with additional units for larger size subwoofers.

The dimension of a single unit: 7.8” (200mm) Wide x 10” (254mm) Depth 3.5” (90mm) Height.

Check out the reviews at Amazon – IsoAcoustics Iso-200Sub Subwoofer Isolation Stand

PYLE Audio Acoustic Noise Isolation Platform for Subwoofers

It does the job like a subwoofer stand, preventing vibrations from transferring to the floors, helps to tighten the bass, and providing clearer sound quality. It also holds the subwoofer firmly thus reducing movement caused by the reaction effect. PYLE Sound Dampening Speaker Riser Foam can hold a speaker weight of up to 90 pounds. The noise isolation and sound dampening absorption features will help your subwoofers/speakers to reproduce more natural bass clarity. Not only it is suitable for home use, but it is also suited for stage and studio usage. Used by professionals such as musicians, instrumental players, sound engineers, DJs and more.

The dimension of a single unit: 15” x 15” x 1.8”

Check out the reviews at Amazon – PYLE Audio Acoustic Noise Isolation Platform

Auralex Acoustics SubDude-II

Another isolation platform but is specifically designed for subwoofers. Since it is made for subs, this allows SubDude-II to support up to 200 lbs subwoofer which is a lot more weight capacity that it can handle when compared to the others. Auralex Acoustics SubDude-II reduces vibrations from getting through the floor as well as walls thus tightening the bass and increases clarity of the low frequency. The main advantage of Auralex Acoustics SubDude-II Acoustic Isolation Platform will be that it could be used for subwoofers that are up to 200 pounds in weight. This means it can support almost all subwoofers built for home cinema use (excluding down-firing subs).

The dimension of single unit: 15” x 15” x 1.75”

Check out the reviews at Amazon – Auralex Acoustics SubDude-II

SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System

It is made by SVS which is a reputable brand that started off making high-quality and affordable subwoofers for over a decade. They have gain immense popularity over the years and they are certainly the experts when it comes to making amazing subwoofers, that is why you can be assured of the quality of their subwoofer isolation system. It is not really a subwoofer stand but screw-in feet that will decouple and isolate your sub from the floor. Giving you tighter and cleaner sounding bass with less floor boom and reduced vibration. Suitable with nearly any subwoofer brands and their models, will be compatible with down-firing subs since it enhances the feet not the whole base.

The dimension of a single unit: Overall Height: 1.57 inch Shell Diameter: 2.28 inch Foot Diameter: 2.08 inch

Check out the reviews at Amazon – SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System, 4-Pack

To sum it up

As you can see, there are not many choices to choose from but they should suffice. These products are not miracle makers, in order to reproduce tight, accurate, and clean bass, there are still other factors involved. The placement of the subwoofer, the listening room itself, the size and quality of the subwoofer driver and so much more. I will suggest doing a subwoofer crawl to find the spot in which you find the sub sounds best. Once you’ve found the spot, calibrate it using Audyssey or another similar software. Listen to your sound system for at least a month, then decide whether if you want to purchase a subwoofer stand so to improve the low frequencies even more.

If you have already decided or maybe pleasing thy neighbor is more important then go ahead and get a subwoofer stand. The subsonic improvements may or may not be significant but it is not that expensive, to begin with, the returns could be very well worth it for such a small investment.

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