Best Amp for FiiO X5 3rd Gen

This is a music player that is packed with features and the FiiO X5 3rd Gen sonic characteristics make it rather easy to match with the headphones currently available on the market. Do check out our blog post about the best headphones to pair with FiiO X5 if you are interested. The amplification of the X5 3rd generation is limiting its headphone choices and this is why it will be good to find an amp to partner up with this DAP.

With a more powerful amplifier, you will be able to choose headphones that were once too difficult to be driven by the FiiO X5 Mark III music player. If you already own a headphone, you will need to know how much amplifier power it needs so as to be fully driven. You should also set a budget and work out a comfortable amount that you are willing to spend on a headphone amp.

When you’re ready, please take a look at the list of the best amps which you can go for and match it with your FiiO X5 3rd Gen music player.

Best Headphone Amplifiers for FiiO X5 3rd Gen

The Topping A50s is one of the best headphone amps to pair up with your FiiO X5 3rd Gen music player. It is compact and powerful, able to drive headphones with up to 300 Ohms impedance. The A50s doesn’t take up much space on your desktop and it looks sleek too. Topping A50s has a tight and fast performance which makes the music presentation sound more lively and energetic when partnered with the FiiO X5 Mark III. It is also a transparent headphone amplifier that reveals plenty of music details.

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The Drop + THX AAA 789 is bulkier than the Topping A50s but a lot more powerful as well. It has an output power of 6000mW at 16/32 Ohms load and all the way to 600 Ohms with an output power of 400mW. With this level of amplification power, you can drive most headphones with ease and will be an ideal amp partner for your FiiO X5 3rd Gen DAP. Another amazing aspect about the Drop + THX AAA 789 is how clean and neutral the sound signature is, it doesn’t color the sound of the FiiO X5 and/or your headphones.

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You don’t need to spend a fortune on a headphone amp, the Schiit Audio Heresy is one such case. The Heresy amplifier may be an entry-level model with an affordable price tag but it could still drive more headphones than the FiiO X5 Mark III DAP. More importantly, the sonic characteristics of the Schiit Audio Heresy are well suited to the music player, especially for listeners who want a more analytical sound. The overall sound reproduction of this Heresy headphone amplifier is clean and crisp with a nice level of clarity.

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JDS Labs Atom Amp+ is another affordable entry-level headphone amp that will fit most listeners’ budgets. Furthermore, it is still powerful enough to drive headphones with up to 600 Ohms impedance load. The neutral sound signature of the Atom Amp+ will fit well with your FiiO X5 3rd Gen, as it allows the music player’s sonic characteristics to shine more with hardly any colorations. JDS Labs Atom Amp+ has a cleaner and more polished background than its predecessor. There is ample bass weight too.

Headphone enthusiasts who like tube rolling might want to check out Schiit Audio Vali 2+. This is a hybrid tube headphone amplifier with amazing stereo imaging and adds a warmish sonic characteristic to the overall sound reproduction. Giving the music presentation more textures and making it sound more holographic. As stated earlier, you can tube roll and alter the sound signature of the Vali 2+ to further suit your FiiO X5 3rd Gen and your preference better.

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If you are looking for a compact and portable headphone amp to carry around together with your FiiO X5 Mark III music player. The FiiO A5 will be an excellent choice for you. This portable FiiO headphone amplifier has quite a modest price point too. They have similar sonic characteristics where both are fairly neutral and have weighty bass performances. FiiO A5 does have a slightly larger sound stage which will work well with the FiiO X5 3rd generation music player. For bass fanatics, you can use the Bass Boost function for a more pronounced low-end performance.

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Headphone enthusiasts who are looking for a portable tube headphone amp, the Little Bear B4-X will be an exceptional choice for you and your FiiO X5 3rd generation DAP. The added warmth of the Little Bear B4-X tubes makes the sound quality very pleasing to listen to. The background is quiet and the music presentation is detailed. Little Bear B4-X is a musical-sounding headphone tube amplifier and at this price point, we have nothing to nitpick it. B4-X also doesn’t become too hot and this makes it easier to carry it around while using it.

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The Cayin C5 is another excellent portable headphone amp choice to go for and match it with your FiiO X5 Mark III. This is an ideal amplifier for listeners who prefer trebles that are not harsh or sharp sounding. The wide and spacious soundstage of the Cayin C5 amp will complement the X5 really well. The low-end prowess of the FiiO X5 will help to add a bit more punch and impact since the C5’s bass performance is rather lightweight. This also does give the overall bass performance more control.

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To Sum It Up

You can shortlist the headphone amps on this list by using your budget and requirements as filters. Arrange an audition with the shortlisted amplifiers together with your own headphones and FiiO X5 3rd Gen DAP. From there, you should be able to tell if the selected headphone amp is the one for you based on what you are hearing.

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