Is a 15 Inch Subwoofer too Big

Is a 15 Inch Subwoofer too Big?

Whether the subwoofer is too big for you will also depend on your current room size and available space. If you have a medium or large-sized listening room then a 15-inch subwoofer would be fine. For large-sized rooms, a 15-inch sub might not be enough to cover the whole area and provide an even bass distribution. You might even want to go for a larger subwoofer.

If you do not have enough space to accommodate a single 15-inch or bigger subwoofer, you might want to think of going with a dual subwoofer setup. This is ideal for listeners who have the space for smaller subs but not a singular large bulky subwoofer. Having 2 subwoofers instead of 1 can provide a more even bass distribution too. Aesthetic-wise, you may also find a 15″ subwoofer too big if it overly stands out in your room and is ruining your home decor.

For listeners who are concerned about the sound quality of a 15-inch subwoofer, we will be addressing them now and it should help you to make a better decision.

Does a 15 Inch Subwoofer sound good?

There are some who will say a 15-inch subwoofer would deliver slower and boomier bass responses. This is not entirely true as a well-designed 15″ sub would still sound tight and capable of delivering an articulate bass performance. It could even beat smaller and less well-made subwoofers in terms of tight low-end delivery.

If we are talking about poorly designed 15″ subwoofers then the likelihood of boomy and sluggish bass performance would be higher. This is why we should always go for reputable subwoofer makers who have years of experience and track records. So just to name a few of these companies, they are SVS, Rythmik Audio, JL Audio, HSU Research, and more.

When it comes to maximum SPL, a 15″ subwoofer may not have higher SPLs than a smaller sub with a 12″ driver. The quality and power of the amplifier used to drive these subwoofers would play a part in this area as well. If both subs are of the same caliber, then the 15-inch subwoofer would likely produce a higher max SPL.

Does a 15 Inch Subwoofer sound good

The placement and positioning of the subwoofer are important as well. When a 15″ subwoofer is being placed in an unfavorable position, the room acoustics might cause the bass performance to sound bloated and boomy. We suggest doing a subwoofer crawl and then using a room correction technology which could also auto-calibrate the LFE channel to perform optimally in a given room. Audyssey is one such auto-calibration technology that you may want to take a look at.

To answer the question, does a 15″ subwoofer sounds good? The answer will be a yes if the technology and expertise involved are of high standards. A big bass driver is more difficult to control and when they are poorly designed, these large subwoofers would definitely underperform. This is the reason why you should always get high-performance subwoofers from reputable companies that are experts in making powered subs.

Arrange an Audition with the 15 Inch Subwoofer

Everybody has their own requirements and expectations when it comes to a subwoofer’s sonic performance. Auditioning a potential subwoofer inside your own room would be a great idea as it would immediately answer a few questions such as does the 15″ subwoofer is enough to cover the whole area or if it is overwhelming the rest of your speakers. The subwoofer you are testing should be broken in and you should do all the necessary steps to find an optimal position for it. This is to ensure you have an accurate test result.

Arrange an Audition with the 15 Inch Subwoofer

Depending on your sound system usage, you can check out our blog posts about the best songs to test the subwoofer or if you are into home theater then have a read on the best movies to test a subwoofer. Auditioning a subwoofer inside your own room is also a way to find out if the potential sub matches well with your speakers.

To Conclude

The information here should be enough for you to make a sound decision to either go for a 15-inch subwoofer or not. Do note that a good 15″ subwoofer can be quite costly and if you currently have budget constraints, we would suggest you save up first. There is no point in getting a low-quality and cheap subwoofer unless you are not bothered by bass performance as you don’t play your sound system loudly.

For listeners who have a small listening room, we do recommend going for subwoofers with smaller drivers than 15-inch. You can hear them out first before finally deciding though. Have a read on an article we have written if you want to learn more about good and bad subwoofers.

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