Turntable won't stop spinning

Turntable won’t stop spinning

Usually, you will be very happy when you see your turntable start spinning and reproduce sweet music from your vinyl records. But what if the music has already stopped and your turntable won’t stop spinning. It would be an absolute nightmare for me, I can guarantee you that. It just goes round and round, the more it doesn’t stop spinning, the more worried you will get.

You may think it could be just some rare coincidences and made it spin non-stop, probably a one-time thing. You turn it off via the plug and power it back on again, but the turntable continues spinning. This bizarre occurrence is actually quite rare and usually, it does mean you’ll need to send it for repair. There is one tiny good news as this could be easily solved but don’t get your hopes up. Turntable won’t stop spinning? Don’t sweat it, just try these out, and hopefully, it could rectify the issue.

Turntable Tonearm Switch Issue

The tonearm has not been reset, if this is the issue then it can be easily fixed. You just need to manually lift the tonearm up and gently push it toward the right, when you hear a click sound, this will mean the tonearm has been reset. The turntable platter should have stopped spinning when the tonearm goes into the cradle.

Turntable Tonearm Switch Issue

Turn off and back on again

You can try turning it off via the plug, and wait for a moment to turn it back on again. See if the problem still persists, if it doesn’t then that’s great. You will still need to monitor your turntable closely for a short period of time as the issue might come back again.

Send it for repair

When the turntable won’t stop spinning, it usually means there are parts that need to be repaired or replaced such as the tonearm switch could be malfunctioning, the auto start/return needs adjustment, damaged belt, and a whole lot of other possible issues. You may just need some servicing to be done, where some parts of your turntable are dirty and need to be thoroughly clean or need to be greased. Unless you are very experienced and have a service manual for your specific turntable, I will recommend sending it back to the manufacturer for repair.

Sum it up

This type of issue usually happens to old turntables that have gone through years of usage and it should not happen to brand new ones. If you take care of your turntable, it should provide you with years of uninterrupted enjoyment. You might probably want to send it for servicing every now and then, as it might give you lesser problems plus giving you better sound performance.

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